“Most insurers are trying to solve a difficult problem,” Socotra CEO Dan Woods said during our live demo and webinar, The 10-week tech stack: How API-based platforms can help insurers rapidly spin up new products and reduce costs. “But they have this monster in the basement: their legacy tech stack.”

And this is precisely why Snapsheet and Socotra have partnered together.

While Snapsheet has intensively focused on improving claims for the past decade, Snapsheet President Jamie Yoder acknowledged that the problems insurance companies are facing today are a lot bigger than claims.

“They say it takes a village. In insurtech, it takes an ecosystem.”

Yet despite huge investments of time and money in digital transformation over the years, in reality, most insurers are still in transition.

By partnering with Socotra, the first cloud-native API-based platform designed specifically for insurers, Snapsheet now offers a greater range of capabilities from policy quote to claim. Through our joint solution, insurers can spin up new products at a fraction of the cost, driving faster, more efficient and scalable digital-first experiences for customers in just weeks — not months or years. 

With this completely seamless plug-n-play Socotra and Snapsheet combination, insurers can leapfrog into a legacy-free tech stack that powers a fully integrated, continuously updated and automated digital experience from inception of policy and quote through to the complex process of claims…in a matter of keystrokes.

“It’s about bringing a total solution at speed to results — not just speed to launch,” Snapsheet President Jamie Yoder said. “You now have the ability to hit new segments, quickly create new value and focus on where the results are.”

Learn more in the webinar and demo:


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