While we have been talking about virtual and digital claims handling for years at Snapsheet, the insurance industry, as a whole has been slow to adopt.

But then the pandemic happened. And everything changed.

We are now beyond the tipping point of major disruption and imminent shifts in insurance claims. In today’s increasingly digital world, insurance companies are rapidly realizing that outdated systems and manual processes simply won’t work. Automation is the name of the game—and without it, you’ll struggle to compete, scale and delight customers:

I predict that in five years, more than 50% of all insurance claims will be automated.

Now, with $30 million of funding, we will continue to lead the category of cloud-native, API-driven claims management software – so that claims organizations of any size can create incredible customer experiences in a fraction of the time and cost of legacy solutions.

  • With this additional funding, we are accelerating our investments in our cloud-native claims management software.We will continue to define the future of automated claims at an even faster pace, bringing carriers new capabilities through our cloud-native, API-driven platform and expanding our offering to deliver customer-centric experiences powered by omnichannel engagement tools, no-code configurability, dynamic workflows and real-time access to data and analytics.
  • We are innovating and extending our tech-enabled appraisal services business, so carriers realize immediate value from our pioneering virtual approach.
  • And we are investing heavily in the best-and-brightest engineering and sales talent to increase adoption of our solutions across the entire industry.

We’re so excited to begin this next step in our journey at this pivotal time in our industry. Thank you to all our investors, clients and partners, who continue to see our potential and support our growth. And, most importantly, thank you to each and every member of our Snapsheet team for all the hard work—and heart—you’ve put into delivering the best claims experiences for everyone.

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