5 Simple Ways to Build a Customer Centric Organization in 2022

Enabling a customer-centric strategy requires a few different things. You need to understand the customer journey well and what problem they’re trying to solve. Once you know that, you can […]

Change Management Goes Hand in Hand With Digitization

When an organization decides to digitize, there are many different considerations. One of the most significant points to remember is how to help your employees through the process. Change management should accompany any […]

Celebrate Women’s History Month With Snapsheet

We celebrate women every March here in the US and March 8 is designated as International Women’s Day (IWD). The month is designed to recognize and celebrate the achievements of […]

Do the Right Thing During Ethics Awareness Month — And Every Day

March is Ethics Awareness Month, but we celebrate doing the right thing every day at Snapsheet. In fact, it’s one of our core values. ‘Do the right thing’ is one […]

3 Keys to Preparing for a Successful SaaS Implementation

Congratulations! You’re ready to transform your company’s claims management system with a digital-first, cloud-based claims platform that will simplify your claims process and delight your customers. Your organization is nimble, […]

Increase Customer Loyalty and Value Through a Client-Centric Claims Journey

Imagine your customer’s last, best online experience – whether it was shopping on Amazon, ordering an Uber, or downloading a movie from Netflix. Everyone can get (almost!) anything they want, […]

Taking Pride in Growth and New Opportunities

  As the newest member of our Customer Success Operations (CSO) team, it’s Vivien Greiser’s job to be on the ‘frontlines’, doing whatever it takes to support our carriers and […]

Claims CliffsNotes

I: Look Before You Leap The events of the last 18 months dramatically accelerated the insurance industry’s need to go “digital” with their operations, while at the same time, elevating consumers’ […]

Beyond the Tipping Point

While we have been talking about virtual and digital claims handling for years at Snapsheet, the insurance industry, as a whole has been slow to adopt. But then the pandemic […]

Championing Diversity Drives Limitless Innovation

  For Director of Operations Sean Gergets, International Women’s Day should be any day. A leader, a mentor and an advocate for gender equality, Sean knows that an inclusive approach […]