Building a Web Scraper with Beautiful Soup

Created by Carrie Utter With the widespread information that can be found on the internet, manually searching for data can be tedious and time-consuming. Automation through web scraping is a […]

Keeping your schema.rb file clean and consistent between environments

by Santiago Herrera What issues does an inconsistent schema.rb file cause? Having an inconsistent schema.rb file that doesn’t really reflect the structure in production, and changes every time people run […]

Query Tuning (PostgreSQL)

It is no secret that most, if not all, modern software products critically rely on data to provide value for users. One of the most commonly used tools for interacting […]

Hackathon 101

Here at Snapsheet, we prioritize innovation and new ways of problem solving. Indeed, those are common buzzwords in the tech industry, but how do we encourage that behavior in a […]

Changing DB Encoding to Support Emojis in a Production Rails Environment

The Problem If you’ve created a Rails application that uses MySQL 5.6 or earlier, you may have run into this problem: Way back when you first created your application’s initial […]