At Snapsheet, one of our core values is Stronger United. It’s the notion that compels us to think and act as a team–win or lose. We support each other and strive to foster open, honest, and meaningful relationships where ideas ripple out and have a positive impact on our clients and each other.

We’re proud to celebrate our people by launching our inaugural Impact/Influence Award. Our fellow Snapsters nominated colleagues who go above and beyond, and still find time to inspire, enlighten, and lift the spirits of others. Even in the toughest moments, our nominees strive to do or say the right thing–and they empower others to embody Snapsheet’s values in the work they do for our clients and across our teams.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate and recognize a colleague. Read on to learn about our winners.

Karl Wagenaar

Estimator Team Lead
Highland, IN

Impact/Influence Award nomination
Karl is an impact master and real-life superhero. Whether it’s total loss, estimating, at shop, you name it–he adapts to wherever he is needed and leads by example. Karl genuinely loves helping others. He has the ability to find strengths in every person he talks to and that compassion is one of the many reasons why he is an Impact/Influence Award winner.

How he keeps his team motivated while working remotely
I love to joke with my team. It’s as if we are neighbors, but the other people are actually all across the country!

Favorite part about working at Snapsheet
If you feel like something could be better, you are given the opportunity to find the solution.

Kaylene Walter

Auto Estimating Learning and Development Specialist
Austin, TX

Impact/Influence Award nomination
Kaylene is like the triage nurse in a war zone, but instead of saving lives, she’s streamlining knowledge and working behind the scenes to make processes better. Her impact is made through small yet meaningful interactions, and through her tenacious work ethic that many people across the company have noticed. Kaylene is a detail-oriented problem solver whose creativity is inspiring in and of itself. When she isn’t in the middle of making top quality training, she is probably asking someone for feedback to improve or jumping in to help a teammate wherever she can.

How she stays motivated while working remotely
My top tip is a quote from the book, “Atomic Habits” – “You don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.” Build your personal habits around setting up your workday for success.

Favorite part about working at Snapsheet
I love working for a company that empowers me to take action when I see an opportunity. Getting approval from a handful of people instead of suggesting something to a supervisor and waiting to hear back for six weeks is a huge motivator for me.

Jeff Wolfe

Damage Appraiser/Negotiator
Crown Point, IN


Impact/Influence Award nomination
Jeff is someone you can go to when you need to talk through an idea, a problem, or even a technical question. Like a true coach and problem-solver, he has the ability to adapt his communication effectively to the context of the situation; sometimes he might provide advice, a solution, or lift you up when you need it most. He is upbeat and happy to help where he can; selfless by nature. While his influencing skills might appear to be natural, he is deliberate in his practice and it shows! He has found a way to do what he loves here at Snapsheet while improving the lives of the people around him.

How he keeps his team motivated while working remotely
One of the challenges in working remotely is feeling isolated. When there’s someone experiencing some kind of difficulty, that’s an opportunity to reach out and make it clear that we’re not alone in what we’re going through. Being able to understand an issue someone’s having and help to bring a resolution, that makes it feel like a good day when it’s done.

Favorite part about working at Snapsheet
It’s challenging work, but this is an environment that’s innovative and full of people excited about making our company, our industry, and each other better by what we’re doing here.

Congratulations to our finalists!

  • Rick Allen
  • Andy Cooper
  • David Garrett
  • Mikayla Harke
  • MJ Joseph
  • Jeff Kelly
  • Tim Lackie
  • Vik Sarang
  • Ken Vargas


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