Snapsheet Estimating

Our Estimators are highly competitive individuals that are motivated by constant feedback. As an Estimator, you make a huge impact by managing numerous claims for 70+ carriers across the US and Canada. Oh, and did we mention it's all from the comfort of your home? Hover over each team to learn more about their responsibilities and check out our current job openings on our Careers Page!

Our At Shop team completes 11-12 photo-based estimates per day on vehicles primarily located at shops. They also handle vehicles located at residences and tow yards as needed.

Our Specialty team completes anywhere from 6-16 estimates for various specialty vehicles like RVs, power sports, classic and exotic autos, and heavy equipment.

Our Total Loss team completes 11-12 photo-based estimates and valuations per day on potential or obvious total loss autos.

Our Supplements team completes 9-11 supplement estimates per day on vehicles located at shops where Snapsheet has written the initial estimate.





Life @ Snapsheet

We won't sugar coat it - we work hard, but we know that the best results happen in environments that value flexibility, diversity among our peers, and opportunities to learn and knowledge share.


Work-Life Balance

We know that life extends beyond your job, and we are proud to offer benefits that promote a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, we offer each employee a competitive PTO package that accrues year over year. {Shift options}

While overtime is not required, many of our Estimators elect extra hours to boost their salaries. (And who doesn't love time and a half?)

Connection and Communication

Communication is key. Along with our full-company communication initiatives, you can expect regular team meetings and manager 1:1’s as well as monthly operations meetings filled with transparency on finances, clients, new team members, wins, challenges, team/organization/project changes, and more.

Recognition and Awards

 Snapster’s can give and receive recognition company-wide using our internal platform, Motivosity. (Fun fact: our Estimating team has the highest engagement on Motivosity in our entire company!) To further recognize our people, we feature teams and individuals in our blog posts and internal newsletter.

Our Estimating team also has a Hall of Fame dashboard and a milestone program that allows you to earn more PTO, stock options, and even vacation vouchers as you complete more estimates over your career at Snapsheet!




Career Growth

 At Snapsheet, there is no timeline for success - we promote our employees when ready. We have quarterly performance check-ins and goal-setting to ensure you are on track for success. Additionally, we host sessions dedicated to personal and professional goal-setting, such as Gap Analysis Training. 


Getting Involved

 We love remote life and think we've pretty much nailed it when it comes to events and staying virtually connected to our peers. We host all-org events each quarter like Wine Tasting, Olympic Speakers, and Drag Bingo. We also send quarterly mailers with gifts including Snapsheet swag, s'mores kits, and stipends to spice up your space!

We are also proud to host annual Roadshows which give you the opportunity to connect with your co-workers and Snapsheet leadership in your local area! 




A Day in the Life

This section aims to answer all your questions about being a Snapsheet Estimator! Click each question to learn more about what your responsibilities and day-to-day will look like.


As an estimator you will:

  • Write fair and accurate estimates and supplements based on photos of auto physical damage that comply fully with insurance carrier guidelines
  • Utilizing internal training tools and external resources to clearly document every claim with high attention to detail
  • Maintain professional written and verbal communication with insurance carriers as well as their customers
  • Effectively negotiate files to agreed-upon prices with repair facilities while maintaining a calm and professional demeanor
  • Manage and maintain virtual relationships with teammates, managers, and directors
  • Quickly pivot estimate writing style and standards based on feedback from QA staff

The number of estimates you will complete per day is highly dependent on the team you sit on as well as the vehicles you are writing for and their location. On average, our Estimators write anywhere from 10-20 claims per day.    

Snapsheet's goal is to make claims simple for everyone, and we do that by moving quickly and getting things done! We've said it before and we'll say it again - we move fast. We do our best to remember  the feeling and provide exceptional  experiences, so our customers walk away saying "Snapsheet made that easy." 

We work hard, and it pays off. Our culture promotes an environment of growth, learning, and opportunities to be the next!

Estimates are assigned by our AI - or Auto Assign (AA). And yes, the files are distributed based on estimating scores on estimating systems, carriers, and vehicle types.  

Each file will contain carrier guidelines and links to standard procedures for file handling with shops. For example, your call and review rates, parts usage guidelines, vendors allowed, and minor operation allowances will be included. 

Estimating skills using at least one estimating system is a must-have, as well as prior experience with repair processes and procedures for vehicles and file handling. Lastly, verbal and written communication skills for phone and email correspondence are crucial for this role! 

Your first 12 weeks will be more meeting-heavy as you go through our Employee Development Program, but after you graduate and are assigned to a team you will have weekly team meetings and huddles. Additionally, you will interact with your team via Google chat or Google Meetings as needed. 

Interviewing @ Snapsheet


As you prepare for your upcoming conversations, take some time to learn more about the interview process, who's involved, and how to best set yourself up for success. Depending on the role you are applying for, the interview process may look a little bit different, but here you can find basic information that will help you navigate each stage of the process. 

Each interview is conducted via Google Meets, so here are a few best practices

  • Cameras on, please! 
  • Sit in a quiet, professional setting for the duration of your interview.
  • If possible, join using a laptop or computer for the best interview experience.
  • Come prepared to discuss your background and motivations for finding a new role!




 Don't stress - this is an easy 30-minute video interview with one of our talented Operations Recruiters! Our interviews are conducted via Google Meets, so come prepared with your best smile, and be sure to test your internet connection beforehand! We suggest conducting your interview in a quiet space with no distractions.

In this call, the Recruiter will ask questions regarding your background, motivations for a new role, and ensure that Snapsheet is the best place for you. This is the perfect time to ask questions about the role and Snapsheet in general, so come ready to ask away! 








You Invest in Us, We Invest in You.

Lucrative Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance packages through Blue Cross Blue Shield. We offer three PPO plans so you can choose what works best for you!

4% 401k match program and fully vested after 60 days of employment.

Generous PTO program and sick days that accrue over time! Each Snapster starts with 80 hours of PTO and 40 hours of sick time off. 

Generous parental leave programs for both birthing and non-birthing parents. 

Monthly internet reimbursements, quarterly mailers and events, and swag for anniversaries and just because. 

Employee Assistance Programs, Volunteer Time-Off, Philanthropic and Wellness Initiatives, and more! 

Questions on our benefits package or simply want to learn more? You can find our full Benefits Summary here! 






 Ready to Make the Most of Your Career?  


Snapsters Promoted in 2022

9.5 Months

Average Promotion Time from Estimator to Tech Lead 


- The “Task Accomplisher”

- Proficient in one technical function with strong estimatics

- Completes smaller,  well-scoped components of larger projects


- The “Plan Executor”

- Proficient in multiple estimating systems and/or technical functions

- Creates project plans for small to mid-sized projects


- The “Project Planner” 

- Applies expert knowledge to advise a small team of estimators (4-6)

- Creates effective project plans for complex, multi-staged projects


- The “Project Implementer” 

- Expert knowledge and proficiency across multiple technical functions and estimating systems

- Creates and manages long-term project plans and implements metrics that accurately measure success


- The “Departmental Driver”

- Coaches others to develop proficiency knowledge across multiple technical functions

- Positions strategic, organization-wide change initiatives to bring positive, sustainable change

Snapsheet Onboarding and Training 

Our 12-week onboarding and training periods are carefully cultivated to set you up for long-term success not only at Snapsheet but wherever your career takes you. Our team is dedicated to providing memorable experiences that last beyond your first 90 days. 

Click on each time period to the right to learn more about how you will grow into your new role at Snapsheet and who will help you along the way!










Prior to your first day, you will need to complete the following:

  • Onboarding paperwork: 
  • Licensing: Learn more about our Licensing process in the Snapsheet Licensing section!
  • HR/Onboarding
  • Sign for Equipment Delivery 






Snapsheet Licensing 

At Snapsheet, obtaining your adjuster's license is essential to your role as an Estimator. In most states, you are legally required to be licensed to complete an insurance estimate. If you're not already licensed, don't worry - we will help you become licensed as a part of your hiring process. Learn more about our Licensing process below!











Snapster Spotlight

Get to know one of our skilled Tech Leads, Grace Pemberton, as she walks us through a typical day at Snapsheet and what she values most about our company.


Can you walk us through a typical day in the life? 

After logging in & saying good morning to the team I assess any files that are pending additional information to help plan my day. From there I open the first claim in my queue and begin writing it. Once it is completely written I call the shop of choice to discuss the estimate. Once we have reached an agreed price I begin uploading the estimate & filling out the claim summary information. As I approach lunchtime, I take a moment to look at my queue. I make sure all pending files have been worked on as far as possible and check my daily numbers to make sure I am on track to hit my goal for the day. After lunch, I continue to complete new claims and pull my pending claims up to make my second contact for the day, in hopes that I can finalize the file! In between claims I am sure to keep an eye on my team chat as people are often asking questions, telling jokes, or playing games!

What do you love most about your job? 

My favorite part of working for Snapsheet is the people! We have such a diverse group. I love being able to meet so many different people and get different perspectives. Snapsheet does an amazing job at keeping things light & fun, providing many group activities where you can meet people from different backgrounds, different departments, and more! You get to write claims, make friends, and have fun!

How do Estimating teams successfully communicate with one another in a virtual environment? 

Communication here is amazing, especially considering we are a virtual company! There is a chat for each department, where you can bounce ideas off of people on other teams, for auto, there is Auto Bots & specialty has the Thunderdome chat. You will also be a part of a chat for your entire team, which is most commonly used to ask questions, discuss goals, and have fun! Snapsheet does an amazing job of keeping things light-hearted and fun; most managers create competitions, games, etc. which can be followed in the chat. Some teams even have smaller chats broken down between leads, where you will have a smaller chat with 5-6 people and your Tech Lead. On top of that, most estimators, leads & managers are available for video chats if needed. Each team has a weekly meeting to go over any new information, goals, etc. and we often have department meetings as well as company-wide meetings.



Yes, we are a remote-first organization so all of our positions are WFH unless otherwise noted. Our office is located in Chicago for anyone in the area!

We know that your time is valuable, so we try and make our interview process as simple as possible! On average, interview processes take around 1.5 to 2 weeks depending on scheduling and availability. If you are on a tight deadline, feel free to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. 

Due to the large number of candidates and applicants we receive, sometimes we aren't able to get back to you as quickly as we would like to. If our team sees an immediate fit, we will be in touch within a week. If it has been 1+ week since you applied, feel free to reach out to [email protected] 

During your training period, you will learn the systems we work in, how to write virtual estimates or supplements for different types of carriers, and our internal processes for file handling. After training, you will enter a 12-week development period. During this time, our Development Managers and Leads will support and guide you to become better accustomed to our system and processes. You will work to gradually increase the number of estimates or supplements you write each week until you reach regular goals. When you reach our full weekly writing goals, you'll graduate development. From there, you'll move under a production manager on the team you have trained and developed with.