Fuel Your Need For Speed
with Snapsheet in Las Vegas @ ITC 2022

The Experience of a Lifetime

When : Tuesday, September 20th @ 2pm

Where : SpeedVegas, 15 minutes from Mandalay Bay

How : Shuttle leaves Mandalay Bay @ 1:30pm

All Driving Experiences Include

Classroom Technical Briefing
Learn the most efficient techniques from a pro for driving on a racetrack.

2-Track Discovery Laps
Ride as a passenger of a pro in a Porsche SUV to learn our racetrack.

Driving Experience with 1-on-1 Coaching
Get behind the wheel of a supercar on track with your personal racing instructor.

Awards Certificate & Video
Treasure the experience forever with a personal HD on-board video and award certificate.


Arrival and Registration

Technical Briefing

Discovery Laps

Exotic Racing Fleet

Acura NSX

Aston Martin Vantage

Audi R8 V10

Corvette C8 Z51

Ferrari 488 GTB

Ferrari F430

Ford Shelby GT500

Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Huracan

Mercedes-AMG GTR

Porsche 911 GT3

Register as a Driver for the Experience of a Lifetime!


Supercar: At least 18 years old for driving experiences and at least 11 years old, 80 pounds and 4'9" for ride-alongs. Sneakers or comfortable closed-toe shoes recommended. No open-toe shoes or sandals permitted

Under NO circumstances is alcohol permitted on property without approval. 

Lap counts may be distributed to the rest of the group participants, not to exceed the total sum of laps accumulated by those “No Show” participants. 

Cars are preselected by Exotics Racing based on availability. Cars will be preselected to avoid over booking of a particular model, to avoid elongated wait times and to keep a constant steady flow.

All drivers participating in the experience must be at least 18 years of age and possess a valid driver's license upon arrival. All drivers participating in the driving program will be required to furnish a valid driver's license on the date of experience which will be used for identification purposes as well as proof of general driving skills needed to operate vehicles during track experience. Ability to operate a manual transmission is not required for participation. Participants scheduled to a ride-along must be over 11 and be accompanied by an adult who must give written consent. All participants to a driving experience or a ride-along must be taller than 145 cm or 4'9'‘, and weigh at least 36 kg or 80 lbs. All participants will be required to sign an Adult Release and Waiver of Liability upon arrival in front of our staff members.

SpeedVegas reserves the right to postpone or cancel an event for bad weather or in case of force majeure. The definition of bad weather shall be at the sole discretion of SpeedVegas, but is generally defined as ice, snow, freezing rain, strong wind and may include heavy rains during the event. In case of any force majeure event leading to the unavailability of a track or a car, SpeedVegas reserves the right to reschedule the event or to replace it by an equivalent or superior event. Any and all pandemic related closures or lockdowns is considered as force majeure. Only, and if, we are unable to perform an event and/or reschedule due to SpeedVegas not authorized to open our facility will a possible refund be assessed. In the event of rescheduling permitted by us, SpeedVegas will contact you and reschedule you for another available time within the same day or another date in the next two months. In case of refusal of any of the newly proposed events, your event date and experience will be considered terminated. In case of inclement conditions occurring after the event has begun; the latter may be temporarily interrupted and moved back later on the same day. In case your event cannot be fully completed due to lack of time or continuous adverse conditions, you will not be able to claim for the uncompleted portion of your experience. Any delay or timing extension of your experience due to a rain-out or force majeure conditions will not allow for any dispute, discount or rebate. A refund will only be considered in the event that SpeedVegas is not able to provide a driving experience and no suitable solution is agreed upon for an alternate time and/or date for the event.

By participating in any or all of SpeedVegas experiences, you have granted the right to use your name, likeness, voice, photographs, and video of all clients taken by SpeedVegas, authorized agents, and/or any media groups during track events. This includes, but is not limited to: television, radio, film, and all other media that may be used by SpeedVegas for business use. Privacy policies may be modified at the request of the individual(s) signed in this agreement.

SpeedVegas will assume responsibility for any damages that might occur to the cars except in cases of willful or reckless conduct or gross negligence. All other damages and expenses are the responsibility of the participant per the Event Adult Release and Waiver of Liability form that all participants are required to complete and sign prior to program participation. The Release and Waiver of Liability cannot be modified or changed as this is a mandatory document required by SpeedVegas. All participants must follow safety rules dictated by SpeedVegas and its staff. SpeedVegas reserves the right to refuse service to any participant that is unsafe, negligent or fails to meet any required safety conditions. Alcohol and controlled substances are strictly prohibited for all participants to a driving experience. SpeedVegas reserves the right to perform alcohol and controlled substances tests randomly or in case of reasonable suspicion. In case of positive test, SpeedVegas reserves the right to cancel or interrupt the event of the participant with no refund.

SpeedVegas will provide all vehicle models available on the date of the confirmed event. Due to routine safety maintenance, some vehicles may not be available on track during the event. It is a rare occurrence not to have all models on track due to having multiple cars of each model.