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Our hotel block is at Hyatt Centric - The Loop Chicago.
If you have not booked your hotel yet, please reach out to Mikayla Harker ([email protected]) ASAP.

Hotel Address: 100 W. Monroe St., Chicago, Illinois, United States, 60603


Airport Transfer: 

  • Train - the train can sometimes be the fastest and easiest route from either airport into the city. You can use the directions below for either the Hyatt or the office.
    • O’Hare -> Hyatt: You can take the Blue Line from O’Hare to the Monroe Blue Line stop (vice versa for the way back back to the airport).
    • Midway -> Hyatt : You can take the Orange Line from Midway to the Adams/Wabash Orange Line stop (vice versa for the way back to the way back to the airport)
  • Car - You can take a car service (uber/lyft/taxi) to and from either Chicago Airport. 


Getting to the office: 

Our office is located at 1 N Dearborn. 

  • Walking
    • The Hyatt Centric - The Loop is a quick walk to the office. Head east on W Monroe St toward S Clark St, Turn left onto S Dearborn St. You will see signage outside of our office which is on the corner of Madison and Dearborn
  • Uber/Lyft - You may utilize Uber to and from the office if you are a local resident. We recommend scheduling a ride at least 24 hours in advance. Check out the expensing information for more details. 
  • Train -
    • If you are local but haven’t been into the office, we are excited to see you! Our office is easily accessible by train, bus and foot. The closest CTA Stops to Snapsheet:
      • Washington (Blue)
      • Washington/Wabash (Orange, Purple, Green, Pink), 
      • Monroe (Red)
    • Closest Metra Stops to Snapsheet:
      • If you are planning on taking the Metra into the city our office is a quick 10 - 20 minute walk from any of the downtown metra stations including Union, Ogilvy, etc. 


Chicago is a great place to visit and we hope that you can spend some time visiting landmarks, eating local foods, and seeing all that the city has to offer! Check out some recommendations for things to do in your free time.



Q: What do I bring?

Aside from the basics like yourself, clothes, etc. Please bring your laptop and any other equipment needed for your job (chargers, headsets, etc).

Q: What should I wear to the office? 

We don’t think we have ever seen Brad wearing a suit so jeans and t-shirts are perfect for the office! Please keep in mind that we plan to take pictures and videos throughout the Summit so come camera ready. 

Q: What time should I be at the office on Wednesday and Thursday? 

The Welcome Team will be ready for you at 8:30 AM CST. Our first Summit event starts at 9:15 AM CST. We recommend getting to the office between 8:30AM- 9 AM CST.

Q: What do I do if my flight is delayed or canceled? 

If your flight delay or cancellation affects your ability to attend the Snapsheet Summit, please let your Manager know and email [email protected]

Q: What are the expensing guidelines for meals, rideshares, travel, etc?

  • Meals/Food - You are able to expense up to 3 meals a day during the Summit Event (8/9-8/12). However, Snapsheet does not expense meals that are provided by the company. For example, Snapsheet will not cover: 
    • Breakfast or lunch on Wednesday, August 10th
    • Breakfast, lunch or dinner on Thursday, August 11th 
    • Any meals on Saturday or Sunday if you decided to extend your stay
  • Rideshares - You may expense your rideshares during the Summit. Some examples would be
    • Rides to and from the airport
    • Rides to your home/hotel after team events, the summer party, etc
  • Gas -  You may be eligible for gas reimbursement. If you have any questions about whether you qualify for gas reimbursement please contact [email protected]
  • Hotel - Snapsheet has a room block at the Hyatt that many of you are staying at. If you decide to stay somewhere else (another hotel, AirBnB, etc) you are able to expense $219 per night (Tuesday night 8/9 - Thursday night 8/11). If you have booked accommodations outside of those dates you will be responsible for covering the cost. 
  • Flight - If you did not book through Concur/used your own card and would like to reimburse your ticket, please reach out to [email protected]

*Some of these rules may not apply if your department head or manager has asked that you come outside the official Summit dates. Check in with your team for more guidance.

*If you have any additional questions as to what is or is not reimbursable please reach out to [email protected].

Q: Can I bring my significant other/partner/spouse/etc. to the Summit?

You are more than welcome to bring your significant other to Chicago as long as they are comfortable covering their own travel-related expenses. Summit events (roughly 9 AM - 6 PM) are just for Snapsters! 

Q: How do I reserve a meeting room in the office? 

Schedule meeting(s) as usual using Google Calendar, and after adding guests click "add room" to select from the list of available meeting rooms.