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Snapsheet Claims Platform

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Navigating the complexities of insurance can be challenging, especially when profitability is a priority.

From rising labor costs to increasingly intricate claims and repairs, the industry is facing many headwinds. In order to stay ahead, insurers must focus on operational efficiencies and flexibility. Claims management is an important component of this.

Experience seamless claims management with Snapsheet Claims, your all-in-one platform for appraisals, claims processing, and payments.

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Unique Claims Management Challenges of Insurance Carriers


A rise in labor and material costs impact operational expenses significantly.


Claims and repairs are more complex than ever with severity on the rise.

Elevated Customer Expectations

Customer experience expectations are heightened and causing strain.

Your All-in-One Claims Management Platform

Simplify claims for all stakeholders with Snapsheet. Since 2011, we`ve been reshaping industry norms by providing global clients with a comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions, which include Appraisals, Claims Processing, and Payments Services! By simplifying claims handling, you could reduce time, control costs, and ultimately drive business growth and maximize profits!

Streamline Claim Processes

Our software automates various aspects of the claims process, freeing up adjusters to focus on critical tasks and customer experience.

Decrease Cycle Times

Leveraging our virtual appraisal solutions can reduce cycle times by up to 50% when compared to traditional inspection methods.

Increase Efficiency

Our all-in-one software solution can control indemnity costs by up to 15% when compared to traditional inspection methods with precise damage estimation, robust reporting, efficient project management, seamless communication, and more.

Trusted by 140+ customers & investors, including 15 of the top 20 P&C carriers.

Discover the transformative potential of Snapsheet and unleash the full power of your claims operations.

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Partnering with Snapsheet has been instrumental in our journey to streamline the auto collision claims process, consistently eliminating friction. Their technology has seamlessly integrated with our strategies and operations, resulting in a substantial increase in overall customer experience.

Kyle Nakatsuji

CEO and Founder Clearcover

Snapsheet, a trusted partner, consistently delivers speed, precision, and innovation. Their digital claims solution optimizes carrier workflows, resulting in reduced cycle times, improved cost management, and an enhanced customer experience. I highly value our partnership.

Kenneth Rosen

Former Chief Claims Officer - USAA & Allstate


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