Just as last year’s Impact & Influence Award winners personified Snapsheet’s core value Stronger United, this year’s winners embody yet another: Action Is Our First Instinct.

With the pandemic continuing to disrupt our personal and professional lives over the past year, we were all taken out of our comfort zones. We needed to improvise, pivot and, well, take action. This year’s two winners took this to heart, ensuring their actions didn’t just support their individual success — but the overall success of Snapsheet.

Introducing, the 2021 Impact & Influence Award winners: Engineering Manager Aunss Gheyouche and Account Manager Nicole Siatta.

“Aunss has always been the first to step in and go above and beyond his role.”

Consistently thought of as a reliable teammate and mentor, Aunss has always been the first to step in and go above and beyond his role — coordinating with other managers on team goals, driving planning meetings and investigations, and leading the initial development for Dispatch — all while continuing to fulfill expectations as a senior developer. His unwavering commitment to Snapsheet’s products and processes is evident in his involvement in many facets of the tech team, such as promoting backend improvements, troubleshooting urgent issues, and actively organizing and participating in social events. As a leader, Aunss’ responsiveness and ability to think quickly on his feet inspires others to approach issues with a big-picture perspective and a focus on longevity. And just as important, he always recognizes the value of others’ accomplishments.

“Nicole’s personality belies the tenacity that drives her to face any challenge.”

Positive, easygoing and always willing to help, Nicole’s personality belies the tenacity that drives her to face any challenge and solve it with creative and strategic solutions. Case in point, one of Snapsheet’s tier-1 insurance carrier clients. When Nicole noticed that the client was struggling to make check payments to their customers and vendors during this difficult time, she took it upon herself to set them up with one of the nation’s largest commercial banks, which was no small feat. Having to overcome many obstacles, including learning their processes and systems, Nicole’s hard work and dedication paid off — literally. 

We want to thank every Snapster for taking the time to recognize the amazingness of our colleagues. We look forward to seeing how our Snaphseet community continues to influence others to do their best and make a lasting impact on the company — and each other — in the year ahead. 

Congratulations to all our nominees!

Dawn Allers
Tim Andrejasich
Jordan Banuelos
Steven Budaszewski
Andy Cohen
Andy Cooper
Raquel DeLuna
Sean Gergets

Nathan Gonzalez
Mark Greenberg
Michael “MJ” Joseph
Peter Langlois
Jen Le
Mike Lesli
Michael Moore
Katy Moore


Joel Myers
Ray Oliverso
Julia Polay
Ben Richards
Aaron Roberts
Mark Santefort
Vallen Tousis
Karl Wagenaar


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