Automate your claims process with Snapsheet’s cloud-native claims management software and services.

Powering the shift from manual to intelligently automated claims

Snapsheet Cloud’s SaaS solutions deliver faster, better experiences by digitizing the entire claims process. Underpinned by Snapsheet’s Claims Automation Accelerator technology, customers can harness the true power of data and automation to make better, faster claims handling decisions, improve agility and increase profitability. 

Get modern architecture with flexible innovation depending on your needs:

  • Get a fully digitized end-to-end claims platform with Snapsheet Claims—from electronic intake of FNOL to data and technology assisted investigation and claims assessment, all the way through digital payment processing for settlements. 
  • Integrate individual modules into your existing system to augment your digital transformation journey. 

Everything you need to automate the claim process.

Snapsheet Claims platform is a comprehensive solution—including policy information with intelligent search, a full suite of appraisals tools and digital payments functionality—that’s integrated with key systems and vendors. You get all the information you need to manage the claim without ever having to leave the platform. 

Meet and exceed customer expectations.

Snapsheet’s platform delivers communication with ease by removing the back and forth administration, allowing customers to choose how they want to engage and providing transparency throughout the process. Enable two-way omnichannel communications, self-service tools, automated customer prompts and more—all integrated in Snapsheet’s platform.

Think Big. Start Small.

Innovation starts by focusing on simple tasks. Snapsheet’s real-time, granular metrics capabilities operate with the platform’s Visual Intelligent Claim Engine to enable a test and learn environment that empowers your team to modify processes and continuously scale step-change benefits. Additionally, you can take advantage of the platform’s API structure for “plug and play” next-gen offerings delivered instantly into your operations.  Unlock greater agility and new efficiencies by building the automated experience you need.  

Reclaim the true cost of innovation.  

Realize the value of the cloud with a subscription-based, modular platform and avoid costly, time-consuming upgrades and implementations every few years. It’s truly flexible innovation for a more fluid, modern environment.

Start your claims transformation today

Talk to one of our product experts to learn more about Snapsheet’s suite of cloud solutions and how it can accelerate your digital transformation goals. We’re here to help you modernize the way you manage claims.