Digitize your claims process

Integrate a best-in-class claims management stack.

Deliver the best claims outcomes

Snapsheet Claims management platform is designed from the ground up to be a truly digital-first, cloud-native solution. Our claims management platform is developed within actual claims environments and takes an engagement-first, customer-oriented approach to delivering faster, better experiences for everyone.

Augment your current system with Snapsheet’s modular suite of end-to-end claims management tools. Launch a full claims management stack out of the box. Whatever your needs, Snapsheet Claims enables you to build the most intelligent, automated claim experience—all in a fraction of the time and cost of existing solutions.

Innovation today and for what tomorrow holds

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Cycle Time


Improvement in
Adjuster Efficiency
Reach the right people at the right time through the best channel 
  • Reach your customers through their preferred communication channels and get real-time updates
  • Get dynamic FNOL capabilities with the ability to ingest any type of data in any form from internal and external sources, including legacy claims systems 
  • Enable seamless communication with vendors and maintain alignment with all parties on claim events
Deliver the right blend of people and intelligent automation
  • Generate self-configurable workflows that streamline and automate the claim process without the need for an IT project 
  • Manage your team, vendor and third-party performance to determine how you work in the future 
  • Get a consolidated view of all claim information and access the necessary tools to complete the claim
Get an ecosystem of trusted, innovation partners built into the platform from day one
  • Rapidly establish a partner ecosystem with the best innovation on tap—including, eFNOL, AI-enabled fraud detection, telematics, rental vehicle, and more
  • Build the automated experience you want through an open platform with an API structure, giving you the ability to add or switch next-gen offerings.  
  • Get continuous innovation and free upgrades with no downtime 

Delivering the fastest auto damage claim process

Discover how Snapsheet helped Clearcover reduce claims cycle times by 99% and issue payments within minutes instead of weeks.

Built for rapid growth and innovation at scale

Snapsheet Claims is a cloud-native SaaS solution developed with a digital-first mindset that delivers the benefits of a subscription-basedmodular platform.

  • Avoid massive upfront investments and lengthy implementations with large teams
  • Deliver a scalable test & learn environment with A/B testing capabilities
  • Enable continuous learning and innovation without the need for big projects every few years

What you can do with Snapsheet Claims

Drive an end-to-end automated claims process

From eFNOL to automated workflows to settlement and closure, enable a fully automated claims process without the need for handler intervention.

Get configurable workflows, not more code

Place the power to make meaningful decisions in the hands of insurance professionals, not developers. Easily create self-configurable workflows to automate communications, disbursements, and more–and automate business rules that reduce the need for manual processes.

Keep everyone in the loop

Enable comprehensive, omnichannel communication tools with real-time status updates–via mobile/web app, phone, email and SMS. Track all user activity and communications all in one platform. 

Gain better control from the beginning

Quickly find the most relevant information—including historical data and claimant history—to manage the claim process in the most intelligent, efficient manner possible. Pre-fill downstream forms to better inform decisions and streamline processes. 

Enable better, faster operational management

Enable dynamic assignment of virtual and field resources based on capacity, licensing and proprietary carrier rules. Push the right resources to the right locations at the right time with on-demand metrics.

Continuously test and deploy new functionality

Get ‘plug-and-play’ capabilities from leading insurtechs within a single interface via our platform’s API translation layer.

Get on the path to faster, smarter claims

Take a look at how our best-in-class claims management platform can help your organization operate at scale.