Digitized disbursements process made simple

Leverage seamless scalability, automated tools, and insurance-specific workflows to deliver the best payments experience for everyone with ease.

The best payment experience demands a better process

Customers demand convenience, choice and certainty. Your claims organization and key stakeholders need greater consistency and transparency throughout the process. Snapsheet Payments is a cloud-native, API-driven platform that drives insurance-specific workflows and delivers greater consistency and transparency for everyone involved in the disbursements process. The result is a faster, more comfortable payment experience and improved customer satisfaction.


ACH adoption versus paper check


Reduction in transaction cost for ACH versus check


Average ACH payment submission cycle

Powerful from the start

With flexible APIs and preconfigured, insurance-specific workflows, it doesn’t take long to get started with Snapsheet Payments. And with a pre-enrolled vendor network and fully digital capabilities, it doesn’t take much longer to drive digital payment adoption starting on day one.

Improve the payee/vendor experience with automated engagement tools
  • Deliver automated, business-rules driven processes via payee portal, vendor portal and status updates via email and SMS—all while reducing inbound calls
  • Provide omnichannel payee engagement for choice of payment and proactive transparent communication on payment status 
  • Enable fully digital experience with e-signature for multi-party and liability releases
Increase transparency and create a more seamless experience for everyone
  • Get a digitally native payments system through a centralized platform to reduce manual workflows across payee/vendor, operations, finance, and treasury
  • Get insurance-specific workflows including multi-party, releases with e-signature, multi-company branding, explanation of benefits inclusion, and more
  • Drive the right workflow and payment requirements through business rule configurations based on payment method and policy information 
Deliver faster, better results and ongoing benefits 
  • Drive digital payment adoption with a pre-enrolled vendor network allowing carriers to pay vendors electronically on day one
  • Drive more change management and less development through a cloud-based, API platform and out-of-the-box bank integrations
  • Reduce direct and indirect costs through a centralized, automated payment platform

Delivering 5X faster, more efficient claim payments

Learn how carriers like Mutual of Enumclaw are seamlessly integrating Snapsheet’s cloud-native payments platform and issuing claim payments in minutes–instead of days or weeks.

“There had been discussions about moving off that original system for many years. We considered investing in a new in-house system, but ultimately we wanted a subscription-based SaaS solution rather than a large capital expenditure.”

Patrick Demmer
Director, Treasury Operations
Ohio National Financial Services

What you can do with Snapsheet Payments

Facilitate payments to any party

Support multi-party payments including multiple insureds and business claimants with individual payees—including law firms, body shops, contractors, and independent adjusters. 

Futureproof your disbursements platform

Snapsheet Payments enables multiple payments methods via banking partners, giving you flexibility in how you deliver payments—via ACH, push-to-debit, Zelle, RTP, check and more—and alleviating client integrations with each new payment method.

Evolve beyond legacy systems

Get an enterprise platform with the capability to integrate with multiple claim/policy systems via different methods—including bulk file, API, and manual entry.

Enable a better reconciliation process

Integrate with multiple financial and administration systems to update systems of record via API, web-hooks, and bulk file reporting at an individual payment line-item level.

Access Snapsheet’s pre-enrolled vendor network

Use Snapsheet’s pre-enrolled Vendor network and pay vendors with verified tax ID’s via ACH on day one.

Get enterprise-level support for multiple brands, business lines, and bank account setups

Enable all legal entities, lines of business and bank account setups through Snapsheet’s central platform allowing carriers to integrate multiple branding schemes and banking structures for carrier compliance requirements.

Reduce transactions costs by 10X

Discover how a centralized vendor claim payments platform can improve operational and cost efficiencies-simply and easily.

Faster benefits and innovation at scale

Snapsheet Payments is a cloud-native, SaaS solution developed with a digital-first mindset—increasing customer satisfaction via speed and ease of payment.

  • Reduce upfront investment with minimal integration effort
  • Increase adoption of current and future digital payment options
  • Improve compliance through a secure, auditable platform
  • Get continuous innovation through a SaaS subscription model
  • Increase financial controls via a central platform by reducing manual and paper processes

Trusted by leading claims organizations

Get on the path to a faster, smarter disbursements process

Learn how Snapsheet Payments can help your organization deliver a better payment experience.