Snapsheet and FRISS partner to provide low-touch claims experience

We’re proud to partner with FRISS to deliver seamless fraud detection capabilities for our customers. Read the full release.  

Helping Sedgwick reimagine the future of auto physical damage claims

We’re proud to work with Sedgwick to pilot our virtual appraisal technology for their customers. Early results show a 38% reduction in cycle time. Read the full case study.

Helping Zurich North America and Zurich Canada Transform the Claims Process

Snapsheet’s virtual appraisal technology and service is helping Zurich North America and Zurich Canada improve the auto physical damage claims process. Learn how we are making the process faster and […]

Virtual claims become a reality as Intact sources Snapsheet

Virtual claims are quickly growing, and the latest partnership between Snapsheet and Intact Financial is spurring more growth in Canada. Starting in June, Intact Financial-insured drivers in Ontario can now […]

Mobile app resolves Aviva’s auto claims 20-40% faster in trial tests

Aviva Canada auto policyholders whose vehicles get damaged in accidents can get their claims processed by taking pictures and uploading them to a mobile app, Aviva Canada announced recently. The app, AvivaExpress, […]