Recently, I spoke at Connected Claims Virtual USA and along with my fellow speakers —  Stephen ApplebaumCalvin Strong, and Amrish Singh – we discussed the future of claims.

While most of us can agree that virtual and touchless is the ultimate destination, the road to get there may not be so clear. And this confusion is often compounded by concerns about the perceived cost and time investments required for a digital transformation.

To alleviate the confusion and concerns, which are understandably felt by so many in today’s rapidly evolving world, I shared my perspective on the journey to touchless – and introduced the concept of the self-driving claim.

By flipping the model of who drives the claim – from the adjuster determining next steps to the claim itself completing each task, you can start down the path of claims transformation without a massive system overhaul. This approach embraces the journey as opposed to a magical single solution, and allows the process to evolve as new capabilities and models become available to automate and augment key decisions and actions.

Think of this approach as the chassis that allows you to take advantage of plug and play architecture to easily operationalize new innovations or allow you to take advantage of models your analytics team is building.

Creating an intelligent, self-driving claim that knows its own status and proactively drives human and machine actions to complete the process quickly and accurately is the first step toward enabling new types of change within an organization. From how you engage to how the work is managed to how you work with others – with both a technology and vendor services perspective in mind, this paves the way to a continuous learning and innovation environment that drives ongoing automation opportunities.

The archived presentation with more details on the self-driving claim is available on YouTube, or feel free to reach out for a discussion or demo of Snapsheet’s platform designed for the virtual and touchless journey. I’d love to hear from you. 

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