Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to host a fireside chat at InsureTech Connect (virtually, of course) alongside my friend and industry pioneer Kyle Nakatsuji, CEO and founder of Clearcover. He and I have been in the insurtech game nearly 10 years, and we took some time to discuss the progress we’ve seen and explore where we can go next.

Like all industries, insurtech has realized how crucial resiliency is during the pandemic. Companies must be able to adapt efficiently and effectively to always meet consumers’ needs without missing a beat. We’ve seen encouraging change over the past 10 years, but the pandemic has dramatically accelerated the need for digital transformation and put a spotlight on the true value of insurtech.

But real change doesn’t stop at a one-time adoption. Insurance companies must continually evolve and iterate in order to improve their offerings, enable seamless integrations, and best serve their customers.

By emphasizing this kind of “continuous innovation,” insurtechs can open up opportunities to collaborate and drive significant, industry-wide progress. I’m thrilled to announce Snapsheet and Clearcover have created the fastest auto claims experience: Clear ClaimsTM. Powered by Clearcover’s Clear AI and our end-to-end claims management platform, customers can have payment issued on eligible claims in as little as 13 minutes of submission — a record-breaking claim adjustment turnaround time.

Our leading approach to auto insurance claims management will no doubt shape the future of insurance and reimagine how we can do business. If the last 10 years have taught me anything, it’s that we have the technology and innovation to make the customer experience in the next 10 years better than ever before.


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