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Snapsheet exists to improve the claims experience–it’s been our focus since day one. Our commitment to the industry has enabled us to amass nearly a decade of experience in delivering virtual technology and fostering digital adoption within high-pressure claims environments—all while creating massive value and industry-leading claims management capabilities along the way.

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Committed to digitizing claims management

Snapsheet is reimagining claims and constantly uncovering opportunities to deliver data-driven automation and AI technology designed for both growth and scale in the cloud. Our solutions are learned and advanced by acting as both claims operators and technology leaders for ourselves and for our clients.

Established as an innovation partner of choice

Snapsheet is designing and building software platforms that deliver exceptional user experiences. We do this for a diverse and expanding client base which includes leading insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and insurance and sharing economy disruptors—each with their own unique claims environments and processes.

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Organizations must evolve quickly to harness the best features of artificial and human intelligence—becoming bionic. Those companies who become bionic fastest are winning because of superior customer experience and economics.

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Trusted by leading insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and sharing economy disruptors