Modern architecture meets flexible innovation

Snapsheet Cloud’s SaaS solutions operate as a stand-alone platform for end-to-end claims management or as separate modules—from eFNOL, Appraisals, Payments and more.


Get a fully automated, touchless claims process through Snapsheet’s end-to-end claims management platform for all P&C. 


Enable a mobile, frictionless, and faster experience through Snapsheet’s pioneering virtual appraisals platform and services. 


Increase digital payments adoption and improve operational efficiency with a centralized claims disbursements platform.

Deliver the support customers need.

Snapsheet’s platform delivers communication with ease by removing back and forth administration, and allowing customers to choose how and when they want to engage while providing transparency throughout the process.

Think big. Start small.

Innovation starts by focusing on simple tasks. Snapsheet’s real-time, granular metrics capabilities operate with the platform’s Visual Intelligent Claim Engine to enable a test and learn environment that empowers your team to modify processes and continuously scale step-change benefits.

Go from tactical claims administration to strategic claims management.

Get a modern claims platform that allows you to automate administrative manual tasks, so you can focus your attention where it’s needed most.

Reclaim the true cost of innovation.

Realize the value of the cloud with a subscription-based, modular platform and avoid costly, time-consuming upgrades and implementations every few years. 

Focused on improving the claims experience for nearly a decade


Improvement in cycle times


Improvement in claims accuracy


Global clients

Trusted by innovative claims organizations around the world

The fastest auto damage claim process

Discover how Snapsheet helped Clearcover reduce claims cycle times and issue payments within minutes.

5X faster, more efficient claim payments

Learn how carriers like Mutual of Enumclaw are seamlessly integrating Snapsheet Payments platform and issuing claim payments in minutes –instead of days or weeks.

Innovative claims experiences drive customers back

Learn how the world’s largest connected carsharing marketplace is leveraging Snapsheet Claims software to help achieve its North Star: a completely touchless claim.