Customers around the world expect experiences that are mobile, frictionless and NOW—and your clients, stakeholders, and employees do too.

Snapsheet delivers a claims management experience that evolves along with everyone’s needs while achieving massive productivity gains and economic benefit, all at a fraction of the time and cost of other platforms.

Snapsheet Claims Platform

Snapsheet's world-class cloud-based platform, which powers operations for more than 70 clients, is available for all lines of insurance globally. The capabilities were built with a customer-first mindset to drive superior engagement and to automate and augment complex claims workflow leveraging AI and Machine Learning. The flexible platform enables rapid integration, supporting continuous evolution.

Snapsheet Virtual Appraisals

Snapsheet’s bionic claims estimation process is built on the Snapsheet software platform to power our virtual appraisers to deliver proven results to insurance carriers, TPAs and other partners. The powerful approach combines flexible software with trained resources to streamline estimation from inspection to settlement. This faster, more seamless method of inspection, ensures consumers are handled with care, shops are treated fairly, and insurance carriers are properly represented.

Snapsheet Transactions

Snapsheet Transactions provides a payments hub for insurance carriers to disburse claims and expense payments to insureds and vendors. Whether it’s settling claims with consumers, reimbursing shops for repairs, or paying vendors, such as law firms or auditing services, Snapsheet Transactions allows carriers the flexibility to make payments the way recipients want to receive them. The seamless platform can be configured to all existing systems and launched with minimal resource requirements.

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Snapsheet Rental and Asset Management Platform

Snapsheet’s Rental and Asset Management Platform supports ride-share, fleet asset management companies in the tracking, validation and management of complex assets and work flow. Clients capture detailed records of each asset using flexible technology to aide in the pre and post claims and underwriting process.

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Automate workflows. Augment the workforce. Built with AI/ML.



Reduce cycle time. Reduce costs. Increase Customer engagement.



Deliver real-time insights into operations. Monitor and manage results. Mine massive library of structured and unstructured data.


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