Imagine your customer’s last, best online experience – whether it was shopping on Amazon, ordering an Uber, or downloading a movie from Netflix. Everyone can get (almost!) anything they want, when and how they want it, with just a couple of clicks. And now, they want this same level of service from their insurance carriers.

While a growing number of claims organizations offer their version of a “digital” experience, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Many of these companies have created solutions using older, legacy systems and processes that don’t align with what today’s customers want or expect. Others have adopted a “Field of Dreams” approach, assuming that if they build something – anything – digitized, consumers will use it. (Spoiler alert: they won’t!)

To truly support today’s digitally-savvy consumers, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” customer journey. Different people want different interactions at different stages of the claims process. So, if you want to successfully digitize your claims process, you need to create a customer experience that is efficient, transparent, and works for everyone depending on their needs.

Snapsheet President and COO Andy Cohen recently spoke at the Claims Innovation USA virtual event: Increase Customer Loyalty and Value by Delivering an Efficient, Transparent and Client Centric Claims Journey.

Here are three must-haves he suggested carriers should focus on when digitizing the customer’s claims journey:

1. Create a Claims Journey That Aligns with Your Brand Promise.

With the industry’s increased focus on digitization, there is a danger of organizations becoming digital purely for digital’s sake. If you don’t have a real purpose or strategic North Star driving this activity, your digital experience will fail, resulting in wasted time, money, and resources – not to mention loss of customers. Before building your digital claims journey, ask yourself why you’re really doing it and how it aligns with your brand promise. Only after you’ve answered these questions can you be confident that the digital experience you create will delight and deliver for everyone involved in your claims journey, from customers to adjusters to third-party partners.

2. Automate Your Claims Journey for a Digital First Experience.  

Customers increasingly expect a “digital first” experience, which means automating your claims process in a way that best supports their needs . You can start digitizing your claims experience by automating your inefficient, back-end processes, e.g. manual tasks such as journaling actions and key moments throughout the process, and sending various alerts and communications. With the right insurtech solution, your entire claims process can become a proactive experience, where the system is able to intelligently drive the next, best action, while freeing up your adjusters to solve more complex problems – or provide a human touch when needed (e.g., when the customer has questions or the system flags an alert that stops a claim from moving forward).

By applying a ‘digital first’ approach to your claims journey, you’re able to take a very manual, analogue process and flip it on its head – providing the digital experience your customers typically get in their B2C interactions, and now expect from you.

3. Transformation Should Be Iterative 

Don’t expect to get things right the first time – building a successful digital claims experience takes time, as you learn what does (or doesn’t) work for everyone involved in the process. You want to have the ability to easily identify patterns and areas for improvement, and then  self-configure workflows and automate timely communications as necessary. Snapsheet’s API, cloud-based software enables just this and more. Now, you can create a test-and-learn environment with real-time data and performance reporting that allows you to make continuous improvements and drive change as needed without time-consuming, costly IT projects. 

Today’s digitally-savvy customers demand experiences that are fast, easy and, ultimately, enjoyable — and the claims journey is no exception. Snapsheet Claims is designed from the ground up to be truly digital-first, taking an engagement-focused, customer-oriented approach to delivering faster, better experiences for everyone.

For a full rundown of the Claims Innovation USA panel discussion, watch the replay

To learn how Snapsheet can help digitize your claims journey and improve customer experiences, request a demo.

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