Managing trucking claims can be tricky. Many are self-insured or have high self-insured retentions, meaning they have to manage their own commercial claims. Commercial trucking companies are in the business of distributing goods, not handling claims. This means complicated and expensive claims can quickly spiral out of control.

Digitally manage trucking claims easily with commercial claims processing software

When the pepper tools are in place, companies save mass amounts of time and money with efficient processes. When it comes to claims management, the stakes are high. Fines for being out of compliance or missing regulatory requirements can add up quickly.

That’s why trucking companies need a solid digital partner they trust to bring digitization to trucking claims. That’s where Snapsheet cloud-based claims management software comes in; with the ability to handle the most complex trucking claims, the process can be fully customized and streamlined.

Digital Claims Software Meets Trucking Needs

There’s a lot at risk with commercial claims, especially when a commercial truck is involved. The direct losses from the accident can be expensive — and indirect losses add up quickly when a truck needs repairs. That’s why it’s critical to shorten cycle time and manage trucking claims more effectively to get your fleet back on the road.

Our digital insurance claims management system will help you get back on the road faster. Giving you the tools and training you need to transition from a decentralized, legacy system to a cloud-based platform that automates your basic workflows.

Consider these advantages of a digital claims management solution:

  • Automate manual workflows to refocus your employees on more important, customer-facing work.
  • Complement or replace legacy systems to simplify your processes and save time and money.
  • Streamline claims management in one digital, end-to-end process from FNOL to closure.
  • Consolidate claims records in one simple system that can easily transition to your carrier if your claim exceeds your SIR.

Simplify Your Claims Processes With Claims Software Technology

Make your trucking claims easy to manage and cost-effective to retain with Snapsheet’s claims management system. This out-of-the-box software solution has the capability to work with your existing technology or replace it.

We’ll give you the tools and support you need to implement your claims management solution in weeks — not months or years! 

Reach out and see how Snapsheet can simplify your claims experience!

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