Trucking claims can be challenging to manage. Many companies are self-insured or have high self-insured retentions, which means they have to manage their own commercial claims. But trucking companies are in the business of distributing goods, not handling claims. This means complicated — and expensive — trucking claims can quickly spiral out of control.

When companies don’t have the right tools, they waste time and money with inefficient processes. And with claims management, the stakes are high. Fines for being out of compliance or missing regulatory requirements can get expensive quickly.

That’s why trucking companies need a solid digital partner they can trust to bring digitization to trucking claims. And that’s where Snapsheet comes in. We have best-in-class cloud-native software designed to manage even the most complex of trucking claims.

Read on to learn more about Snapsheet’s digital claims management solutions, then contact us to schedule a demo and see how we can make your trucking business run more efficiently.

Digital Commercial Claims Solutions Meet Trucking Needs

There’s a lot at risk with commercial claims, especially when a commercial truck is involved. The direct losses from the accident can be expensive — and indirect losses add up quickly when a truck is out of operation while being repaired. That’s why it’s critical to shorten cycle time and manage trucking claims more effectively to get your fleet back on the road at full capacity.

Getting you back on the road faster is the goal, and Snapsheet’s digital claims management system delivers. We take your decentralized platform and homegrown legacy systems and transition to a digital, cloud-native solution that predicts your needs and automates basic workflows.

Consider these advantages of Snapsheet’s digital claims management solution:

  • Integrate with your existing vendors and systems to reduce waste and bottlenecks in your workflow, reducing cycle time.
  • Automate manual workflows to refocus your employees on more important, customer-facing work.
  • Complement or replace legacy systems to simplify your processes and save time and money.
  • Streamline claims management in one digital, end-to-end process from FNOL to closure.
  • Consolidate claims records in one simple system that is easy to transition to your carrier if your claim exceeds your SIR.

Simplify Your Trucking Claims With Snapsheet

Snapsheet pioneered virtual appraisals a decade ago and we haven’t stopped innovating since. See how we can make your trucking claims easy to manage and cost-effective to retain with our digital solutions.

Snapsheet’s claims management system is an out-of-the-box solution designed to work with your existing technology or replace it. We’ll give you the tools to stand up your claims management solution in weeks — not months or years! We empower you, stand with you, and win with you.

Reach out today to see how Snapsheet can simplify your claims experience.

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