Snapsheet Estimating

At Snapsheet, we build software that makes insurance claims simple. By pairing our advanced technology with our elite team of Estimators we are able to write estimates in a shorter amount of time without sacrificing accuracy or customer experience. Today, we work with over 70 carriers across the US and Canada ensuring that these top carriers provide the best claims experience for their customers. We built this page to give you a little more insight into our Estimating team - how we work, what makes us different, our culture, and more.

The At-Shop team writes photo-based estimates and contacts the repair facility to review what they’ve written. The team works with the shop to write an upfront estimate that is as thorough as possible.

The Specialty team writes estimates for all types of specialty vehicles, such as RVs, motorcycles, and commercial trucks. Similar to the At Shop team, this team will work with any shop involved to complete a solid initial estimate.

The Total Loss team handles writing the estimate and obtaining a valuation report for vehicles that are likely to be a total loss. 
The Supplements team reviews and negotiates with shops on supplements that arise from initial Snapsheet-written estimates. 





Life @ Snapsheet


We won't sugarcoat it - we work hard and we know our high-production environment isn’t for everyone. We set strong goals as a company, and as individuals, and we hit them. We strive to create an inclusive environment that rewards results, values flexibility with time and ideas and promotes opportunity. 


Work-Life Balance

We know that life extends beyond your job, and we are proud to offer benefits that promote a healthy work-life balance. Additionally, we offer each employee a competitive PTO package that accrues year over year. Our Estimators work a “typical" 40-hour work week and are paid time and a half for any hour over that.

Connection and Communication

Communication is key. Along with our full-company communication initiatives, you can expect regular team meetings and manager 1:1’s. Operations meetings happen monthly that include updates  on finances, clients, new team members, wins and challenges, and any upcoming changes to the team or organization. 

Recognition and Awards

 Snapsters can give and receive recognition company-wide using our internal platform, Motivosity. (Fun fact: our Estimating team has the highest engagement in our entire company!) To further recognize our people, we feature teams and individuals in our blog posts and internal intranet, SnapSource.

Our Estimating team also has a Hall of Fame dashboard and a milestone program that allows you to earn more PTO, stock options, and even vacation vouchers as you complete more estimates over your career at Snapsheet!

Career Growth

 At Snapsheet, there is no timeline for success - we promote our employees when ready. We set individual goals quarterly and schedule regular check-ins to ensure each Snapster is on track for success. Additionally, we host workshops and training dedicated to personal and professional growth. 


Getting Involved

 We love remote life and think we've pretty much nailed it when it comes to events and staying virtually connected to our peers. We host all-org virtual events regularly like wine tastings, Olympian guest speakers, and murder mystery parties.

Snapsters also have the opportunity to meet peers and leaders live at our annual roadshows across the nation or at our HQ in Chicago. We also send surprises on a quarterly basis which can include anything from snacks on your doorstep to a gift card in your inbox.





Life As An Estimator

This section aims to answer all your questions about being a Snapsheet Estimator! Click each question to learn more about what your responsibilities and day-to-day will look like.

Pretty great, if you are asking us. But, this is a high-production, high-performance environment and only the best thrive. No matter which team they are on - At Shop, Specialty, Total Loss, or Supplements - our Estimators’ missions are the same.

Our Estimators spend the majority of their day focusing on writing estimates on new assignments. When they’re not writing new estimates, they will spend time following up on any estimates from the previous days that they were not able to finalize. Most of the time, if we are not able to write an estimate the first time we look at it, it is because we are reaching out to a repair facility to make sure we are all on the same page and have all the information and photos needed to write the best estimate possible.

Regardless of the team, each Estimator has a full plate, and completing estimates in a timely manner is key to hitting numbers successfully. Throughout the day, Estimators monitor chats for updates, support each other through questions, take meetings with their manager and team, review their QA scores, tackle projects to elevate the team, and more.

Successful Estimators focus on hitting their number of estimates per day, executing with accuracy, and providing a strong customer experience. To measure success, you will start by looking at your dashboard of completed estimates, QA scores, and Manager Reviews/feedback. Additionally, you will work with your manager to work on goals and projects that elevate the function and the team. We’ve said it before and we will say it again, this is a high-production environment that requires strong organizational skills to ensure you are able to hit your numbers day after day and week after week. 

The number of estimates you will complete per day is highly dependent on the team you sit on as well as the vehicles you are writing for and their location. With an average of 10-15 estimates completed each day for different carriers with varying guidelines, attention to detail is key to ensuring you hit your number accurately. 

Fast-paced. Innovative. Feedback-heavy. Growth-oriented. Results-driven. Have we mentioned high production? 

We also hire the best people which means we like who we work for and with. We tend to keep things light-hearted and you will regularly find memes in our group chats. We also know we are leading the industry with our product and the way we operate - we are proud to be on the team behind that product.

Each Estimator has their own queue that assigns them work in our internal claims system, instead of assigning through an estimating system. Assignments are driven by our AI-powered Auto Assign feature. The files are distributed to an estimator based on their state licensing status, and displayed knowledge of the carrier, estimating system, and vehicle type.

Each file will contain carrier guidelines and links to standard procedures for file handling with shops. For example, most shop calls include verifying the shop’s information, clarifying anything you need additional information or photos on, and reviewing the estimate. If there are differences between your estimate and theirs, you’ll work to reach an agreed price with the shop through your conversation. You’ll also cover rates, parts usage, and setting expectations for what will happen next with the shop.

We require that estimators have 2+ years of experience writing estimates, and are also regularly writing estimates at the time of their application. Candidates must also have experience with at least one estimating system, as well as prior experience with repair processes and procedures for vehicles and file handling. You must be able to pass our behavioral and technical interviews where you will be asked to write estimates based on photos. Lastly, verbal and written communication skills for phone and email correspondence are crucial for this role! 

After you graduate from our comprehensive 12-week training and development program, you’ll be assigned to a team where you’ll be self-motivated to do what you love - write estimates! Most of your conversations with your team will happen in chats, but you can also expect to see your team at weekly meetings and monthly check-ins with your manager. 








You Invest in Us, We Invest in You.

Lucrative Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance packages through Blue Cross Blue Shield. We offer three PPO plans so you can choose what works best for you!

4% 401k match program and fully vested after 60 days of employment.

Generous PTO program and sick days that accrue over time! Each Snapster starts with 40 hours of sick time off and will accrue up to 80 hours of PTO in the first year at Snapsheet.

Generous parental leave programs for both birthing and non-birthing parents. 

Monthly internet reimbursements, quarterly mailers and events, and swag for anniversaries and just because. 

Employee Assistance Programs, Volunteer Time-Off, Philanthropic and Wellness Initiatives, and more! 

Questions about our benefits package or simply want to learn more? Check out our 2024 Snapsheet Benefit Summary






Journey As An Estimator


If you are considering joining our team you are in the right place! This next section will give you more insight into the interview process, licensing requirements, new hire training and development, and the different career paths you can take as an estimator at Snapsheet.






Interviewing @ Snapsheet


As you prepare for your upcoming conversations, take some time to learn more about the interview process, who's involved, and how to best set yourself up for success. Depending on the role you are applying for, the interview process may look a little bit different, but here you can find basic information that will help you navigate each stage of the process. 

Each interview is conducted via Google Meet, so here are a few best practices

  • Cameras on, please! 
  • Sit in a quiet, professional setting for the duration of your interview.
  • If possible, join using a laptop or computer for the best interview experience.
  • Come prepared to discuss your background and motivations for finding a new role!




If you haven't already, be sure to visit our Careers Page and apply for the role(s) you are interested in. 

Our Recruiters personally go through each application and will be in touch if they see an immediate fit for one of our open roles. If you don't hear back in a week, don't worry! We have large amounts of applicants each week, so sometimes it takes us a little longer than we would like. 

If it has been 2+ weeks since you applied, please reach out to [email protected]!



Snapsheet Licensing


At Snapsheet, obtaining your adjuster's license is essential to your role as an Estimator. In most states, you are legally required to be licensed to complete an insurance estimate. If you're not already licensed, don't worry - we will help you become licensed as a part of your hiring process. Learn more about our Licensing process below!



Training and Development 

Our 12-week onboarding and training periods are carefully cultivated to set you up for long-term success not only at Snapsheet but wherever your career takes you. Our team is dedicated to providing memorable experiences that last beyond your first 90 days. 

Click on each time period to the right to learn more about how you will grow into your new role at Snapsheet and who will help you along the way!










Prior to your first day, you will need to complete the following:

  • Onboarding paperwork: 
  • Licensing: Learn more about our Licensing process in the Snapsheet Licensing section!
  • HR/Onboarding
  • Sign for Equipment Delivery 

Additionally, it is crucial to set yourself up for long-term success. Here are some things you will need to thrive at Snapsheet: 

  • High-speed internet, wired connection 
  • A quiet and comfortable WFH space (having your own office is ideal so you can separate work from home) 




Grow Your Career

After Training and Development, Estimators will be placed on a team based on their skill set and business need. The first step to growing your career as an estimator is to switch teams to write for different vehicle types and carriers and learn other sides of the business. From there, you can start to apply for new roles!

9.5 months

Average promotion time from Estimator to Tech Lead


Snapsters promoted annually


Estimators are writing virtual Estimates every day. You can continue to grow as an Estimator forever through increasing compensation, exploring new teams, and writing for new carriers.


Senior Estimators are differentiated by their ability to write in multiple systems and their experience on multiple teams. In addition to writing estimates, they are responsible for key projects that elevate the team.


Tech Leads continue to write estimates but also answer questions from the team, host ride-alongs and coaching sessions, execute projects, and help mentor more junior estimators.


Considered SMEs in their role, Tech Leads are the go-to for carrier knowledge, Snapsheet best practices and more. Their teams can be larger and their projects are more in-depth.


 Estimating Managers are responsible for setting their team up for success, driving high production metrics, distributing work, coaching, training, you name it. They are also responsible for reporting to leaders and driving projects that improve Snapsheet overall.

While these are “typical” career paths, we don’t like to limit ourselves. Snapsters are encouraged to check out different departments, and it isn't unheard of for our Estimators to join the Account Management team or step into a role with Learning and Development.  The possibilities for growth are endless! Just ask our VP of Operations, Mark Santefort, who started as an Estimator himself. 



Snapster Spotlight

Get to know Grace, one of our talented Tech Leads, and what her day-to-day life at Snapsheet looks like. 

After logging in & saying good morning to the team, I assess any files that are pending additional information to help plan my day. From there, I open the first claim in my queue and begin writing it. Once it is completely written I call the shop of choice to discuss the estimate. Once we have reached an agreed price I begin uploading the estimate & filling out the claim summary information. As I approach lunchtime, I take a moment to look at my queue. I make sure all pending files have been worked on as far as possible and check my daily numbers to make sure I am on track to hit my goal for the day. After lunch, I continue to complete new claims and pull my pending claims up to make my second contact for the day, in hopes that I can finalize the file! In between claims I am sure to keep an eye on my team chat as people are often asking questions, telling jokes, or playing games!

My favorite part of working for Snapsheet is the people! We have such a diverse group. I love being able to meet so many different people and get different perspectives. Snapsheet does an amazing job at keeping things light & fun, providing many group activities where you can meet people from different backgrounds, different departments, and more! You get to write claims, make friends, and have fun!

Communication here is amazing, especially considering we are a virtual company! There is a chat for each department, where you can bounce ideas off of people on other teams. You will also be a part of a chat for your entire team, which is most commonly used to ask questions, discuss goals, and have fun! Snapsheet does an amazing job of keeping things light-hearted and fun; most managers create competitions, games, etc. which can be followed in the chat. Some teams even have smaller chats broken down between leads, where you will have a smaller chat with 5-6 people and your Tech Lead. On top of that, most estimators, leads & managers are available for video chats if needed. Each team has a weekly meeting to go over any new information, goals, etc. and we often have department meetings as well as company-wide meetings.


Yes, we are a remote-first organization so all of our positions are WFH unless otherwise noted. Our office is located in Chicago for anyone in the area!

We know that your time is valuable, so we try and make our interview process as simple as possible! On average, interview processes take around 1.5 to 2 weeks depending on scheduling and availability. If you are on a tight deadline, feel free to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. 

Due to the large number of candidates and applicants we receive, sometimes we aren't able to get back to you as quickly as we would like to. If our team sees an immediate fit, we will be in touch within a week. If it has been 1+ week since you applied, feel free to reach out to [email protected]

During your training period, you will learn the systems we work in, how to write virtual estimates or supplements for different types of carriers, and our internal processes for file handling. After training, you will enter a 12-week development period. During this time, our Development Managers and Leads will support and guide you to become better accustomed to our system and processes. You will work to gradually increase the number of estimates or supplements you write each week until you reach regular goals. When you reach our full weekly writing goals, you'll graduate development. From there, you'll move under a production manager on the team you have trained and developed with.

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