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5 Simple Ways to Build a Customer Centric Organization in 2022

Enabling a customer-centric strategy requires a few different things. You need to understand the customer journey well and what problem they’re trying to solve. Once you know that, you can […]

Building a Web Scraper with Beautiful Soup

Created by Carrie Utter With the widespread information that can be found on the internet, manually searching for data can be tedious and time-consuming. Automation through web scraping is a […]

Celebrating Our Impact/Influence Award Winners

At Snapsheet, one of our core values is Stronger United. It’s the notion that compels us to think and act as a team–win or lose. We support each other and […]

USAA 100th Anniversary Pitch Competition: Chicago

by Keith Kappel | Jun 7, 2022 | Bunker Labs, USAA Pitch Contest | 0 comments On June 16, 2022, in Chicago, the fourth of six regional pitch competitions commences on the road to San Antonio for a […]

Keeping your schema.rb file clean and consistent between environments

by Santiago Herrera What issues does an inconsistent schema.rb file cause? Having an inconsistent schema.rb file that doesn’t really reflect the structure in production, and changes every time people run […]

Query Tuning (PostgreSQL)

It is no secret that most, if not all, modern software products critically rely on data to provide value for users. One of the most commonly used tools for interacting […]

How to Make it Work Virtually — Remote Working for the Future

Everything changed in our world after the pandemic, including the way we live, travel, recreate, and work. People who worked their entire careers from an office building were suddenly thrust […]

Reduce the Complexity of Trucking Claims With Digital Commercial Claims Solutions

Trucking claims can be challenging to manage. Many companies are self-insured or have high self-insured retentions, which means they have to manage their own commercial claims. But trucking companies are […]

Hackathon 101

Here at Snapsheet, we prioritize innovation and new ways of problem solving. Indeed, those are common buzzwords in the tech industry, but how do we encourage that behavior in a […]

Try These Distracted Driving Awareness Tips During April

Distracted driving is a dangerous habit. And it doesn’t matter what the distraction is — taking your attention away from the road while driving can quickly turn disastrous. Even drivers […]

Closing the Talent Gap With Technology

The risk and insurance industry has been affected by the Great Resignation along with most other industries. The peak of resignations may have happened in 2021, but we are still […]

Change Management Goes Hand in Hand With Digitization

When an organization decides to digitize, there are many different considerations. One of the most significant points to remember is how to help your employees through the process. Change management should accompany any […]

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