ClaimDeck and Snapsheet Unite to Transform Insurance Claims and Litigation Management

CHICAGO, IL [October 30, 2023] – ClaimDeck, a digital insurance litigation innovator, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Snapsheet, an industry-leader in claims management technology and virtual appraisals, empowering claims organizations to offer seamless customer experiences. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in transforming the insurance industry by combining ClaimDeck's advanced litigation management platform with Snapsheet's unparalleled claims management expertise, technology, and solutions.

"In partnering with Snapsheet, we're crafting a new standard for insurance technology. Together, we connected ClaimDeck's modern litigation tools with Snapsheet's advanced claims platform, creating an integrated solution that prioritizes speed, precision, and scalability. This collaboration not only amplifies operational efficiency but also enhances customer experiences, with an eye on data-driven decisions and cost-effectiveness," said Silvia Diaz-Roa, Co-Founder of ClaimDeck.

Through this partnership, ClaimDeck and Snapsheet have built an integrated solution that offers insurers the ability to craft highly proactive, automated, and transparent processes for handling litigated claims. Not only are ClaimDeck and Snapsheet pairing their respective modern systems, but they’re also combining their deep industry insights for distinctive expertise.

“Handling litigated claims properly has always been tremendously important, and this topic is especially relevant today due to the rise in nuclear settlements, social inflation, etc.” said Bryan Quasthoff, Director of Partnerships at Snapsheet. “We’re excited to partner with ClaimDeck, a leader in digital insurance litigation, which aligns perfectly with our ambitions and enhances our litigation management capabilities. Together, through this integrated solution, we’re set to deliver a wide range of tangible benefits to insurers.”

Key benefits of the ClaimDeck and Snapsheet partnership include:

  • Enhanced Efficiency - integrating ClaimDeck's robust claims litigation management tools with Snapsheet's modern claims management platform reduces manual effort, allowing insurers to process litigated claims faster and more accurately.
  • Seamless Customer Experience - policyholders, adjusters, and attorneys will benefit from a smoother, more convenient, and transparent claims journey, accelerating claims resolution and boosting communication throughout the process.
  • Data-Driven Insights - insurers can leverage powerful analytics tools to refine decision making and enhance risk assessment.
  • Cost Savings - by applying proactive automation, reducing manual effort, and improving accuracy, this partnership will drive operational cost savings for insurers.
  • Scalability - from boutique insurers to industry giants, the integrated solution offers endless adaptability for insurance carriers, TPAs, MGAs, etc.

About ClaimDeck:

ClaimDeck's approach is modernizing the litigated claims process by enabling more efficient and transparent communication between the attorney and claims professional, allowing for real-time, self-help access to information, as well as providing compliance monitoring and auditing capabilities. ClaimDeck brings transparency, control, and data analytics to your high severity and litigated claims to reduce indemnity, legal spend, and claim life.  Learn more at

About Snapsheet:

Snapsheet ignited the virtual appraisals revolution and is a leader in claims management technology. Built on a foundation of claims innovation, Snapsheet boasts a swift digital insurance claims process primarily for auto, property, and commercial lines in the United States. Collaborating with over 140 partners, including many of the largest insurance carriers, TPAs, MGAs, and insurtechs, Snapsheet streamlines claims, appraisals, and payment processes through advanced technology. Learn more at

For media inquiries, please contact:

Silvia Diaz-Roa

Co-Founder, ClaimDeck

Email: [email protected]

Bryan Quasthoff

Director of Partnerships, Snapsheet

Email: [email protected]

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