As the newest member of our Customer Success Operations (CSO) team, it’s Vivien Greiser’s job to be on the ‘frontlines’, doing whatever it takes to support our carriers and enable a successful outcome for everyone. And thanks to her previous roles on our Supplementing and Estimating teams, she’s ready for this new challenge. Learn more about Vivien and her journey to becoming a CSO Manager at Snapsheet.
What’s your role at Snapsheet?

I’ve worked in all departments on the Operations side of the business, from Supplementing to Estimating and now to my new role, as a Customer Success Operations (CSO) manager. In fact, this is my first week in CSO and I’m really enjoying it. I get to be on the ‘frontline’ of the organization, and will be able to use everything I’ve learned in my previous roles to support our carriers.

What excites you about working at Snapsheet?

I love seeing and being part of the growth! The business is really evolving and we’ve got so many new people. I used to work for a really large corporation that only did things “their way” but Snapsheet has the energy of a start-up, with everyone helping and adapting as we grow together. 

How has Snapsheet supported your professional journey?

I’ve had some great managers who have pushed me to take on new challenges, and as the company is growing, there are always opportunities! Everything is very transparent, so it’s easy to know where and when there might be new roles coming up, as well as what’s available in terms of training. I really like the All Hands Meetings with our CEO, but you can also learn a lot just by joining a Snapsheet Circle and meeting different people from other teams – I belong to the Pride Circle. The great thing is, anyone can start a Circle and anyone can join a Circle.  

What does Pride – and Pride Month – mean to you? Will you be doing anything special to celebrate?

I’m based in Austin, which is an incredibly open and accepting city, and I’m proud to be part of our LGBTQ+ community. The annual Austin Pride Festival & Parade is a big deal, so I’m hoping we’ll be able to come together and celebrate in person this year. But these events are about more than just ‘fun’… They’re also a safe environment for people to learn more about our community. For some people, it may be the first time they’ll have the courage to tell their story – which makes being part of the celebration that much more special.

You’re based in Austin, Texas. What do you love about the city?

I moved here when I was 24 and culturally, it was a big change. Everyone is so much more relaxed about everything – and let’s face it, there are some seriously good restaurants here. My girlfriend and I try to go out every week or two and try somewhere new, and there’s always somewhere new to try!

Vivien with the ball during a rugby match.
What’s something you plan to do in 2021 that you couldn’t do in 2020?

I’ve never been a big “social butterfly” but the last year has really put things in perspective. So, I can’t wait to meet up with friends to grab drinks, check out new restaurants, and even watch some local rugby matches!

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