LAKEWOOD, CO — December 6th, 2023 — Eberl Claims Service, a prominent provider of property and auto claims adjustment services in the US, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Snapsheet, a pioneer in virtual appraisals and a leader in cloud-based claims management software. This collaboration ushers in an end-to-end integration that streamlines property claim servicing and optimizes outcomes for carriers, TPAs, and policyholders.

This partnership enables insurance carriers and MGAs to gain direct access to Eberl TPA services, a nationwide independent adjuster network, and a rigorously vetted service provider network spanning from emergency services to repair contractors.

By providing direct connectivity to the services needed to progress and resolve claims quickly, this partnership empowers claim handlers to optimize daily claim-handling activities while delivering improved transparency and robust reporting analytics. The integrated solution enables carriers to directly make and manage vendor assignments, while simultaneously offering the versatility to utilize Eberl’s managed repair services as needed, whether on a daily basis or during times of increased demand.

“Enabling a digitally connected network of claims management service lines and tools for our Snapsheet client partners is part of our tech-first approach to efficiently close a claim quickly,” says Robin Roberson, Eberl’s Senior Vice President of PlatformPartnerships. “The integration provides immediate and comprehensive, end-to-end access to expert desk and field adjusters, TPAservices, property mitigation, and repair contractors. It is truly a win-win for the insurer and policyholder.”

Eberl's accessibility via Snapsheet’s Vendor Integration brings a bi-directional workflow for assignment management and data exchange, ensuring real-time visibility into claim status. Leveraging Snapsheet’s automated workflows, assignments can be routed to Eberl automatically based on carrier-defined claim conditions. This integration facilitates direct access to various services, from mitigation and adjusting services to full repair, all from within Snapsheet. This eliminates the need for external systems, streamlining the process and enhancing user experience.

Eberl's commitment to innovation is exemplified by this integration, which streamlines claim processing and reduces administrative burdens. Chief Advocacy Officer for Bamboo Insurance, Stann Rose, comments, “The integration between Eberl and Snapsheet has resulted in our ability to assign vendors to service our insureds timely. It significantly eliminates errors in the data being passed through, allowing for a smooth transition and confidence that all parties receive the appropriate information. Status updates, notes, and documents are easily found within Snapsheet, allowing users to engage service providers out of one platform rather than bouncing back and forth between numerous systems and email-based processes.”

Key Highlights of the Eberl and Snapsheet Integration:

  1. Seamless Integration: The collaboration between Eberl and Snapsheet introduces a comprehensive digital claims solution, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and transparent experience for insurers.
  2. Access to Eberl’s FLEX Claim Hub: Customers of Eberl and Snapsheet now have access to Eberl's comprehensive claim service network, which offers adjusting services and direct or managed repair services (FLEX Repair).
  3. Effortless Assignment: Carriers and MGAs can easily assign claims to Eberl independent adjusters, mitigation firms, and repair contractors. This intuitive digital assignment process simplifies vendor management.
  4. Consolidated Payments & Vendor Management: All service providers undergo comprehensive onboarding and ongoing compliance screening. Each carrier specifies which service providers are part of their preferred panel. The administrative burden of managing hundreds of individual vendors is eliminated with a single point of payment for all services rendered, streamlining invoicing, payments, and tax reporting.
  5. Real-Time Analytics: The integration ensures real-time data exchange, resulting in faster and more accurate claims handling, adjuster assignments, and the deployment of emergency mitigation services.

"This strategic integration with Eberl transforms claim handling by combining Snapsheet's advanced technology with Eberl's comprehensive adjuster and repair services network. It streamlines the assignment process, enhances real-time analytics, and simplifies vendor management, accelerating claim resolution and bringing unprecedented efficiency and accuracy to our shared clients, ultimately benefiting carriers and policyholders alike," shares Bryan Quasthoff, Head of Partnerships at Snapsheet.

By improving connectivity with leading claim platforms, Eberl continues to optimize overall claim cycle times and ensures positive policyholder experiences. In addition to this integration, Eberl is pleased to unveil its latest offering, "Flex Repair," which represents a comprehensive approach to delivering end-to-end claim solutions for valued partners.

About Eberl

Eberl provides tech-enabled solutions for insurance claims management including Loss Adjusting, Third Party Administration, FLEXRepair, and adjuster Training & Education. Our comprehensive approach encompasses every step of the claim process, uniting skilled adjusters and a premier service provider network to ensure consistent, professional, and scalable services from claim initiation to resolution.

Supported by parent company, Cor Partners, Eberl is committed to leveraging technology and leading with compassion to deliver best-in-industry experiences for all stakeholders. For more information, visit

About Snapsheet

Snapsheet ignited the virtual appraisals revolution and is a leader in claims management technology. Built on a foundation of claims innovation, Snapsheet boasts a swift digital insurance claims process primarily for auto, property, and commercial lines in the United States. Collaborating with over 140 partners, including many of the largest insurance carriers, TPAs, MGAs, and insurtechs, Snapsheet streamlines claims, appraisals, and payment processes through advanced technology. Learn more at

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