The risk and insurance industry has been affected by the Great Resignation along with most other industries. The peak of resignations may have happened in 2021, but we are still facing a talent gap and employee shortage in many areas of the business. Closing the talent gap is a top priority for many insurance employers.

Employers can fight — and even beat — the Great Resignation by becoming an employer of choice. And one way to attract and retain employees is by having seamless, intuitive, dare we say fun technology tools to make work easier.

That’s where we come in. Snapsheet has a suite of software solutions designed to improve the customer experience. And along the way we’ve innovated ways to increase employee satisfaction, too.

Read on for more information and contact us to see how our software solutions can help you attract and retain the best talent!

Beat the Great Resignation With the Best Technology Tools

Your employees expect to have a great work experience, and technology is a significant driver of employee satisfaction. Creating a plan to fight the Great Resignation can include investing in technology to drive employee satisfaction.

Perks and benefits that used to attract employees are no longer as valuable. Consider free parking, on-site gyms, laundry delivery services, and catered lunches — with more employees working remotely, these perks are less attractive. Replacing some of these outdated perks with innovative technology to help employees can be more helpful in closing the talent gap.

Automate low-value tasks. Some low-value activities are boring but critical. Think of data entry, transposing information from one claims system to another, keying checks, or setting up FNOLs from ACORDs. These tasks are ripe for automation — and once you’ve automated them your employees can spend their time on more important things, like working with your customers.  

Snapsheet’s Claim Management platform has various automations included so you can hit the ground running and start removing low-value tasks from your employees immediately. And we’re always listening to our customers and making updates to our platform to make life even easier for your claims adjusters, evaluators, and appraisers.

Reduce cycle time. Reducing cycle time has multiple benefits, including lowering costs and improving customer satisfaction. But when you reduce cycle time you also make life simpler for your employees. Your claims adjusters — and especially their supervisors — hate getting customer complaints. And the longer a claim pends, the more likely a customer is to complain.

Keeping customers happy by resolving their claim sooner results in fewer complaints and happier employees. Fewer complaints with the insurance department also keep insurer ratings higher and save time for claims department staff.

Implementing Snapsheet’s Claims Management platform streamlines your claim handling from FNOL to payment, saving you time. With our system, there is no delay in waiting for information to be received or processed. Our digital solutions mean immediate updates and faster processing.

Enhance opportunities for collaboration. Great technology should help connect people and provide more opportunities for teamwork. With Snapsheet’s Claims Management platform, collaboration is facilitated through our integrations with vendors and with our internal communications network. Employees can share information[AC1]  in real-time, get help, and provide support to customers — all from remote work-from-home locations.

Better communication is important throughout the claims process — employees have feedback from supervisors while the claim is open so they can make corrections if needed, adjusters handling different parts of the claim can share data easily, and customers can receive real-time updates on their claim.

Closing the Talent Gap With Snapsheet

Digitization makes things easier, faster, and more fun. Let us show you how with Snapsheet’s digital software solutions. With our fully functional, innovative out-of-the-box products you can be up and running in weeks, not months.

Reach out today to see a demo of our solutions to see how we can help you fight the talent gap and beat the Great Resignation with the best and most innovative insurance technology!

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