We celebrate women every March here in the US and March 8 is designated as International Women’s Day (IWD). The month is designed to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women. Women’s History Month was first celebrated as one week in March 1981 and was expanded to a full month in 1987. 

But at Snapsheet, we celebrate and recognize the women in our organization and our industry every day. One of our core values is “Be the Next” great thing — and the women of Snapsheet live this value in everything they do! 

Snapsheet Celebrates Women’s History Month 

One of the benefits of working at Snapsheet is our employee affinity groups. We understand our employees are people first — and people like to work at a place where values are prioritized and success is mission-driven. 

Our employees have shaped our culture, and one way they have influenced us is by creating employee affinity groups. SWAG is the Snapsheet Women’s Advocacy Group, an employee-based affinity resource group designed to promote women at Snapsheet. Membership is open to all employees across all levels of the organization. 

Stephanie Acker, Senior Manager of Strategy and Implementation at Snapsheet and co-founder of SWAG, explained why the group was created. She said, “As a company that operates in a male-dominated industry — both from a Technology & Insurance lens — it is important for Snapsheet to create space for women to connect over shared experiences and bring important topics to the forefront of discussion. The Snapsheet Women’s Advocacy Group (SWAG) was also founded with the intention of engaging and educating male employees at Snapsheet, helping them become better allies and advocate for women’s issues.” 

SWAG was founded in March 2020 and is an active group that adds to the Snapsheet culture in several important ways: 

  • Quarterly newsletter. SWAG publishes its quarterly newsletter to all employees. The digital document features compelling articles, opinion pieces, and Snapsheet news. A popular feature in the newsletter is the Snapsheet Spotlight, an interview with a spotlighted employee. 
  • SWAG Book Club. A new addition to the SWAG line up is the Book Club. Reading and discussing books about women in business is a smart way for participants to learn something new and expand the way they think. New perspectives and book recommendations are always welcomed. 
  • Lunch With Leaders. SWAG hosts a popular Lunch with Leaders series open to all employees. These events allow people from various levels of the organization to network while sharing an informal meal. We believe you can learn a lot from each other when you sit down together and talk. 
  • Special events. SWAG hosts events throughout the year for all employees, like our popular wellness events, virtual happy hours, and financial health events. 

SWAG members are always looking for new ways to support women at Snapsheet — and women in insurance and technology. Acker commented, “Hosting a variety of avenues for engagement, ranging from a book club, to professional networking lunches, and various wellness-focused activities, SWAG seeks to address multiple issues that impact women in the workplace and in the world.” 

Additional Resources for Women in Insurance and Technology 

While we know we have the best employee affinity groups here at Snapsheet, sometimes people need more resources. Women — and anyone — in insurance and technology may find these resources helpful: 

External networking groups are a great way to meet new people and expand your network outside your current employer. Diverse perspectives are always welcome at Snapsheet, and our employees gain more knowledge and skills when they experience life outside our walls. 

There are networking groups aimed at women in tech as well as women in insurance. Anyone can benefit from joining professional membership groups like these: 

In addition to great networking opportunities, there are recognition awards designed to highlight the achievements of women. Some awards focus on overall achievements while others are more niche. 

Several organizations and companies sponsor awards annually with a category focused on women in insurance. Some of these awards include the Women in Insurance award from the Geneva Association, the Insurance Woman of the Year from the APIW, and Women to Watch from Business Insurance. 

In the tech sector, women are recognized for their contributions with awards like TechWomen100, Women Tech Awards, and Women in Technology’s annual Leadership Awards

More Information About Women’s History Month and Snapsheet 

Reach out to us for more information about SWAG and opportunities for women at Snapsheet. We love sharing the achievements of all of our awesome employees! 

While you’re here, check out our career page to see our current openings. If you don’t see your perfect role listed right now, you can still email us to share your interest. We’ll get in touch when we have the right fit. 

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