The Most Promising Fintech Companies of 2022

Global insurtech pioneer Snapsheet recognized for industry-leading digital claims management solutions

Chicago-based global insurtech pioneer Snapsheet is honored to be named by CB Insights to its fifth annual Fintech 250 list. This list comprises the 250 most promising privately held fintech companies worldwide. Twenty-five insurtechs represented the insurance industry, ranging from pet insurance startups to data analytics leaders. Snapsheet is proud to join this prestigious list of innovative companies.

From a field of 12,500 companies from 30 countries, Snapsheet’s financial stability, overall health, and growth potential in this highly competitive and maturing industry rose to the top.

Brad Weisberg, Snapsheet Founder and CEO, discussed this recognition: “We’re thrilled to be named to the CB Insights Fintech 250 list this year. Snapsheet is focused on continuing to innovate solutions to improve the claims experience from start to finish. Thanks to CB Insights, our customers, partners, and employees.”

This year’s winners reflected emerging trends in the insurance industry. One winner, Branch, is a tech-forward home and auto insurance company using a reciprocal model in some states. Another winner, Kin, is an innovative home insurance company offering homeowners customized and affordable coverage.

Andy Cohen, Snapsheet President and COO, spoke about emerging trends: “The industry continues to change and advance, with Snapsheet helping drive innovation. We’re excited to collaborate with others to further the insurance ecosystem through the power of digital.”

Digital Claims Solutions Revolutionize Industry

Snapsheet pioneered the virtual appraisal space, one of the first insurtechs to revolutionize the industry in 2011. Now, with its leading claims management platform and payments systems rounding out its offerings, Snapsheet is a leader in digital claims solutions.

With goals to simplify claims, streamline appraisals, and scale payments, Snapsheet helps its customers harness the power of digital to modernize their claims solutions. Its customers are carriers, MGAs, TPAs, SIRs, and other insurtechs.

Snapsheet’s focus on the claims experience means it can interact and connect with various other insurtech partners to create the best ecosystem for customers. The insurtech space has become a place where partnerships rise above the competition, and customers benefit from these collaborative relationships.

The Future of Insurance is Now

CB Insights has published its list of the top 250 fintech companies for five years, reviewing trends and sharing insights. The ideas from these companies are changing the world — and the insurance industry. And the future is now.

Cohen summarized his thoughts on the future of the industry: “Insurtechs and legacy carriers working together is the future of insurance. We’re pushing the industry forward together — and we will succeed together.”

Review the CB Insights 250 full list.

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