Starting off Strong  

My introduction to Snapsheet was as surprising as it was intriguing. During my first encounter with my future boss, Tom Sorce, we discovered that we both grew up in the same neighborhood only a few streets away. Talk about a small world moment! For those who aren't familiar with me, I'm Liam Drury. I've been a marketing intern at Snapsheet for the last year, and I just graduated from NYU where I studied psychology, economics, and business. I was also the captain of the wrestling team, and I'm a lifelong resident of the greater Chicago area.

Transitioning into this role at Snapsheet, I brought some experience from working in the marketing department of another startup, but I was still navigating the path to becoming a strong member of a marketing team. 

One of my earliest projects last summer involved researching AI copywriting software to expedite our content creation process. Essentially, I was digging into the world of ChatGPT before it was a common household term. This project was an engaging start, allowing me to explore and test various software to find the ideal fit. 

Concurrently, I was entrusted with a different task - developing a list of top key performance indicators (KPIs) to gauge our marketing team's success. Upon identifying these KPIs, the next challenge was to figure out how to track them. This data-centric marketing approach contrasted the AI project, but it was vital in refining my understanding of what drives marketing success.

A few weeks into my tenure, I was fortunate to witness the creation and launch of the new website, which was nothing short of impressive. What stood out to me throughout these projects was the strong collaborative culture within the marketing team. Everyone chips in, and the work is never seen as a competition but as a collective effort. This team synergy was cemented during our summer summit last year, where we met in person for the first time, strengthening our camaraderie and reinforcing our collaborative, positive-thinking culture.

New Country, Same Job 

As my summer internship was ending, I was keen to continue on my path with the marketing team. I appreciated the work I was doing and had formed strong bonds with the team. But I was headed back to university in the fall and preparing for a semester abroad in Florence, Italy. 

Undeterred, I proposed the idea of continuing to work for Snapsheet remotely from Italy, and to my delight, this was approved. Despite the time difference, I maintained weekly updates with my team and successfully handled my tasks.

I never imagined that I would have the chance to work as a part-time intern while studying in Europe, yet Snapsheet and the marketing team made it possible. This epitomizes Snapsheet's culture at its core—my team's trust in me to deliver, meet deadlines, and maintain open communication while overseas speaks volumes about the company's culture.

My experience at Snapsheet has been a rewarding journey. I've made lasting friendships, gained invaluable insights into myself, and broadened my understanding of marketing. Two key lessons I've learned during my time here are the importance of seeking help when needed and the value of sharing your ideas, regardless of how outlandish they might seem.

A Rewarding End

I'm immensely grateful to Tom, Josh, Brittany, and Eric for an unforgettable year, and I'm hopeful that our paths will cross again. For anyone contemplating a role at Snapsheet, don't hesitate—take the leap.   

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