[Chicago, April 30th, 2024]—In an effort to continuously enhance the management of insurance claims processing, Snapsheet, an industry leader in claims management technology, has joined forces with Charlee.ai, a ground-breaking leader with a patented AI-driven predictive analytics solution. This strategic alliance aims to transform the efficiency and precision of claims handling, leveraging cutting-edge technology to benefit insurers and policyholders.

Through this collaboration, Snapsheet integrated Charlee.ai's predictive analytics into its claims management platform, empowering insurers with actionable insights on claim severity and litigation risks. This API-based integration enhances decision-making and streamlines operations from the moment a claim is filed.

“Charlee.ai surfaces valuable claims detail, enriching the file for carriers to make well-informed decisions earlier in the claims lifecycle,“ said David Beck, Business Operations Manager, Snapsheet. “Snapsheet’s system adapts based on Charlee.ai's findings, promoting automation or human intervention for optimal claim advancement.”

Echoing this sentiment, Sri Ramaswamy, CEO/Founder at Charlee.ai highlighted the partnership's transformative potential: “Pre-trained on over 55 million claims and with 50,000+ insights, Charlee and Snapsheet together form an integrated solution to support enhanced workflows and access to various flags and insights with actionable information.”

This collaboration promises benefits including:

  • Accelerated claim cycle times
  • Reduced litigation and operational expenses
  • Improved claims handling accuracy

The integrated solution allows carriers and adjusters to manage claims with unprecedented precision by facilitating early and continuous access to critical claim details.

About Charlee.ai

Charlee.ai stands at the forefront of AI-based predictive analytics, transforming data into actionable insights for claims teams. Its patented technology reduces litigation risks, loss expenses, and fraud, setting a new benchmark for data-driven decision-making in the insurance sector. For more information visit www.charlee.ai.

About Snapsheet

Snapsheet ignited the virtual appraisals revolution and is a leader in claims management technology. Built on a foundation of claims innovation, Snapsheet boasts a swift digital insurance claims process primarily for auto, property, and commercial lines in the United States. Collaborating with over 140 partners, including many of the largest insurance carriers, TPAs, MGAs, and insurtechs, Snapsheet streamlines claims, appraisals, and payment processes through advanced technology. For more information visit www.snapsheet.com.

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