Still reeling from the unprecedented challenges of 2020, it may seem daunting to think about how we want to challenge ourselves in the year ahead. Yet with today marking International Women’s Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness against bias and taking action for equality, I think it’s the perfect time to reflect on what we’ve learned over the past year and how we can improve. 

Flashback to one year ago, just as I was returning from maternity leave, the pandemic hit. And everything changed. There was no rule book for leading a company’s transition to a fully remote workforce overnight. I leaned on my team and everyone across the organization to help foster a more inclusive place to work. To that end, we launched COVID-10 resources to help us all find support and balance in our lives. We also created new ways for the company to stay connected and engaged virtually, such as a new weekly newsletter series, breakfasts (or lunches) with executives, team meet-ups and happy hours, game nights and town halls. And for some of us, these work interactions were the only times we engaged with other humans all day. 

Then summer came. And with it the Black Lives Matter protests that rocked our nation. In an effort to create a safe space for Snapsters to come together, I created the Anti-Racism Circle to educate our people about issues surrounding BIPOC and how to support them. My team also relaunched all Snapsheet Circles to further engage executives in grassroots, employee-led affinity groups and provide another way for Snapsters to gain visibility among leaders.

The Snapsheet 2020 Advice Book, made by Snapsters for Snapsters

And with this year’s first-ever virtual Employee Appreciation Day (EAD), aside from providing an all-day agenda of contests and activities for prizes, I wanted to build more meaningful company-wide connections. By sharing our Snapster-authored collection of reflections, The Snapsheet 2020 Advice Book, I sought to give everyone a voice. Even more, regardless of whether a Snapster won the Yeti cooler, the AirBnB gift card or the Apple AirPods, I hope the best prize our people received on EAD was a greater appreciation for each other – and the desire to #ChooseToChallenge ourselves and hopefully forge a more equal world this International Women’s Day.

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