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The future of claims in 2030: 3 shifts that will reshape the P&C industry

Looking ahead to 2030, the P&C insurance industry will function very differently as compared to todayEarlier this summer during a panel discussion titled, ‘A Look into the Crystal Ball — […]

Koffie Financial, Snapsheet Partner to Transform Claims Management in Trucking

Innovative collaboration aims to enhance customer experience and improve loss ratio with breakthrough claims management technologyAug. 17, 2023 — Koffie Financial, a vertically integrated financial services platform for the trucking […]

Looking Beyond the Coffee Run: My Experience as a Snapsheet Intern

Starting off Strong  My introduction to Snapsheet was as surprising as it was intriguing. During my first encounter with my future boss, Tom Sorce, we discovered that we both grew up […]

Snapsheet Secures Strategic Investment from State Farm Ventures®, Fueling Digital Innovation in Claims

Investment Strengthens the Multi-Year Relationship Between Leaders in the P&C IndustryChicago, IL: July 18, 2023 — Snapsheet, an industry leader specializing in claims management technology, today announced a strategic investment […]

Build vs. Buy Insurance Software Solutions — The Great Debate Continues

Insurers and other stakeholders in the risk management industry require top-notch software solutions to deliver an exceptional customer experience. However, they face a crucial decision: should they develop their own […]

Snapsheet’s 2023 Product Vision: Transforming the Insurance Industry

A Digital Claims Transformation for the Insurance Industry The insurance industry is experiencing a significant technological revolution, and Snapsheet is at the forefront in driving this change. Through the leadership […]

Revolutionizing Insurance Claims Management with Digital Transformation

As insurance claims professionals, we have seen firsthand the impact digital transformation has had on the industry. With the rise of new technologies, how we manage and process claims have […]

IAT Insurance Group Partners with Snapsheet Claims to Accelerate the Claims Experience

Snapsheet’s cloud-native API-based software enables a differentiated customer experience for IAT Insurance Group Snapsheet, the pioneer of virtual appraisals and an emerging leader in cloud-based claims management software, today announced that […]

Insurance Claims Made Easy: An Overview of Snapsheet's Innovative Claims Software Solutions

Revolutionary Insurance Claims SystemsThe insurance industry is undergoing a significant transformation, and Snapsheet is at the forefront of this change. Our claims management software platform leverages technology to simplify and […]

Our Journey: Exploring the Magic of Views in Rails Applications

The ProblemIn most Rails applications, we use an ActiveRecord Model backed by a Database Table whenever we need to query data. While this is sufficient for most scenarios, a few […]

Five Powerful Insurance Claims Trends to Look for in 2023

Insurance Claims Trends & Predictions Snapsheet leaders recently sat down to discuss the trends they predict will take 2023 by storm. The insurance industry is dynamic and ever-changing, and this year […]

Introducing Remote Colleagues: The First In-Person Introduction

Snapsheet is a remote-first company where top-tier talent is not limited to a specific location.We celebrate this freedom by organizing an employee summit at our HQ in Chicago, IL, where […]

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